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6 Everyday Habits That Ruin Your Looks


There are lots of things we do every single day that ruin our looks, to make sure you stay looking pretty and fresh-faced, we have put together a guide of the top 6 habits that have a daily negative affect.


1. Moisturising neck and eyes

It’s natural that most of the times, we women are just bothered about our hair and face, and we barely reach the neck or eyes. And to add to that, neck is where most visible signs of early ageing begin to appear. So next time, when you generously apply sunscreens and moisturiser on your face, do so on the neck as well. Apart from this, also focus on the skin around your eyes which is extremely sensitive and needs special care. So, use exclusive eye creams only.


2. Being hooked to your mobile phone

Mobile phone is a huge germ fest that you carry with yourself all the time. Apart from germs, talking on mobile phones can also lead to acne breakout. Mitchell Kline, MD, a known dermatologist in U.S. says, “Some people hold cell phones to their faces and talk for a long period of time, perspiring onto the phone and blocking the pores.” This blocking of pores leads to breakouts on your face. One of the simplest solutions is to avoid touching the phone to your face, and use a hands-free instead.


3. Using ordinary/harsh soaps

Skin is sensitive to various acidic or alkaline chemicals, so it recommended you consult a skin specialist before buying any random soap or cleanser. You can either choose from a wide range of natural face cleansers after consulting your dermatologist, or to be on the safe side, bid goodbye to all chemicals and use a natural skin cleanser like milk or curd.

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4. Not washing your face

Every time you step out, be it in the sun or dust; make sure that you wash your face. Though, you can consult your dermatologist for an apt face wash or you can choose to use natural products like milk and other dairy products to clean your face. Natural products are the best way considering there are no side-effects unless you are allergic.


5. Not letting your skin soak in Vitamin D

Everyone gets crazy serious when it comes to exposing their skin to sun. We all go to great lengths to protect our body against the harmful effects of sun. And so, we often forget that our body needs Vitamin D too. Nearly all other vitamins can be replenished through food, but Vitamin D can be best absorbed through skin by the rays of sun. In fact, daily sun exposure for at least 10 minutes is recommended. But, it should be done during early morning or late afternoon hours, when the sun is not that harsh. It helps in keeping the bones strong, which is needed, especially for women.


6. Pricking pimples

We can’t emphasise this enough! Never fiddle with the pimples on your face. Other than ugly black spots it leaves behind, it also exposes your skin to a trail of skin problems. If a pimple has been there for the longest time, it’s important you bring it into the knowledge of your dermatologist and get it treated. It is also a good idea to use natural products on your skin to slow down the growth of pimples or acne, or to get rid of their after marks.


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