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6 Life Lessons Your Cat Can Teach You


When it comes to having the best of fun and living in a way that is more mindful, cats are great teachers. Just when you thinking your cat can’t outsmart you, you’ll notice she has got an unusual knack for living naturally. If only you can pay serious attention to the actions of your kitty, you will learn a lot. Below are some ways your kitty can show natural examples.


6. They are being minimalists

With less stuff around, there won’t be too much for consumption. Most of the time, humans are obsessed with getting some of the latest and highly sophisticated gadgets in the market in a bid to remain happy. However, cats are a typical example of the fact that such items can’t bring true happiness given their minimalist approach.

Just when you think your kitty will be crazy about that sophisticated toy, catnip stuff, flying vampire mouse, and other expensive stuff, it will end up going after the box which was used in wrapping such a toy. The milk jug ring can bring inexpressible joy for your cat. This is a typical example of purpose being redefined.


5. Water conservationists

Rather than flushing, cats usually prefer the idea of scratching and covering. This is how they tend to conserve water. There are litters which have been made using materials that are environmentally conscious. Please note that we are not suggesting you make use of something unusual or crazy in answering nature’s call. However, there is no doubt that the lesson has been learnt – cats are great water conservationists.


4. Listening to their body signals

One of the most natural ways of living life is having to listen to your body and responding as expected. The unfortunate aspect is that most people don’t know when to stop or start working. Even when our bodies are feeling stressed up, we still use them to carry out various tasks. Is it possible to excuse yourself from a meeting just because you want to have some rest? You can bet it isn’t.

Cats on the other hand don’t have an answer to anyone. This is why they listen to their body signals every now and then. For instance, proper energy management requires that they sleep for around 12-16hours. In this regard, cats tend to remind us that our bodies should be properly cared for. This will help us even become more productive than imagined.

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3. They are creative in making bed

When it comes to choosing a relaxation spot, cats are known to be masters. None of those expensive foams or pillow is needed for them to relax. Sometimes you may be forced to wonder how such is even possible in the first place having to see them relax on top of tape dispensers and other objects.

Provided the surface is below their feet, they can fall asleep on them at will. Human beings are too concerned about sleeping on foams since they feel it is the only way to experience true comfort. You can try sleeping on some warm towels (pile) to get a firsthand feeling of what cats are actually enjoying.


2. Simple beautification as well as bathing routine

For most people, skincare must involve some ritual processes that have to be carried out every day. We are racking our brains to buy those expensive skin care items in the market. As we are making every possible effort to be beautiful, our kitties are flicking their tails. This is because they make use of their spit which serves as their natural beautification product. It is not only great for cleansing but also environmentally-friendly. This is proof that less can mean more sometimes.


1. They are always walking everywhere

Humans are making use of other methods of transportation apart from cars. These could be walking on foot, motorbikes, riding bicycles and others. All of these are targeted at reducing traffic problems and decreasing pollution. The truth is that cats have always been steps ahead of us even though they never realized such.

Felines don’t need any help to move from one part of the home to another. Walking is the only option they explore when it comes to going somewhere around your home. There are some kitties that will always need help from humans though.


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