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6 Natural Ways To Minimize Dog Shedding


We adore the way our pups have lots of shapes, sizes, colors, and more. Some have short fur, some long, as well as a few are even curly. But some of our furry friends shed enough hair to make yarn or even knit sweaters!

With all these varied doggie hair, one thing’s rue, if a dog has a soft and shiny coat that means they are healthy, and we all love to pet them.

Fortunately, it’s simple to keep that luscious fur in great condition. Here are 6 natural methods of improving your pup’s fur and reducing their shedding.


1. Give your dog a bath at the right intervals.


Dog owners know if they give their pup a regular bath they will stay clean and healthy. However, some breeds need a bath more often. If your dog’s coat is oily, they should get a bath more often, and you should use specially made products to bathe them. But on the opposite end, a poodle’s skin gets all dry and flaky if you bathe them too much. Talk to your veterinarian to see how often you should bathe your dog.


2. Brush your pup on a regular basis.


If your dog sheds frequently, brushing them every day may make that problem less for you to deal with. When you brush your dog it strips out the dead hairs and then it doesn’t fall out in lots of clumps. And, it disperses the natural oils all through their fur so it stays all shiny and healthy.


3. Feeding your dog great nutrition is vital!


It’s vital to feed your dog a nutritious diet if you want them to live a long, healthy life. That shows in the condition of their coat and skin. As long as they eat dog food of good quality, it has the needed vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. Watch out for low-quality foods that don’t have good nutritional quality.  There are also a few kinds of people food that are healthy for your dog that can provide extra nutrition.

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4. Give your dog some fish oil supplements.


If you provide your pup with fish oil supplements, it gives them an extra source of omega-three fatty acids. This makes their fur shiny and healthy, gets rid of skin irritation, and can help prevent a few serious illnesses. Talk to your veterinarian to see if you should give your dog fish oil supplements.


5. Protect your dog from mites, ticks, and fleas.


The majority of dog owners keep their pets on some sort of prevention medication to protect them from parasites. That’s great because otherwise, they can cause serious diseases, which the symptoms can show up in their fur and coat. If you see bald spots or thin areas then they may be invested with pests of some sort. If so, get an appointment with your vet as soon as possible and get a preventative medication for them, as it’s the simplest method of preventing this issue.


6. Be sure to groom your dog.


Particularly if your dog has long fur and/or has a type of hair that keeps growing, but doesn’t shed that much, you need to be sure to groom them regularly. If you keep the dog’s coat clear of mats, knots and tangles, then he’ll look and feel great at all times.


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