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6 Things Cats Love More Than Food


There are very few things in which cats have been discovered to prefer to food. When it comes to free meals, even a feral cat is going to interact with you. If there is anything that will take the place of a kitty’s food, such has to be very important. Below are the top five things that your cat will love than food.


6. Nabs

Most of the cats will wake from a deep sleep whenever they hear a can opener’s sound. There are cats that will remain in dreamland as cat food, snacks, or even treats are stacked at them. This may be based on personal preferences. The truth is that your cat probably spends most of the time sleeping every day.

As a matter of fact, it has been discovered that cats spend about 16hours sleeping. Older cats can sleep for around 20 hours. This is much more than the time spent on doing other activities including food.


5. Catnip

A cat can enter the supply store of pets and not even think about giving cat treats attention. Rather, she may decide to go for catnip since they have been discovered to love it. It is even preferred to normal cat treats. It has been suggested that catnips tend to give them some feelings of euphoria which the standard cat treats don’t have.

There are kitties that aren’t sensitive to catnip though. Therefore, they will not react to it in any way. For cats like these, the alternatives are plants that can produce effects which are similar. They are a great option you can explore when catnip isn’t working in preventing a cat from having to beg for food.

4. Whisker comfort

Have you ever given your cat some food only to discover that she refuses to finish it? In this case, you will notice she is still very hungry while there is enough food left to be eaten. What could actually be the problem?

Lots of cats don’t like the idea of sides of the bowl coming in contact with their whiskers. These are known as vibrissae. They are very sensitive hairs and have got lots of nerve endings. Through the whiskers of felines, they can look for prey, predators, detect any changes in weather conditions, navigate through those dark areas, and others.

Due to their sensitive nature, cats can easily feel pains when they get damaged in any way. When they are rubbed against a bowl’s sides, such can bring about discomfort in cats. Your feline will prefer the idea of making her whiskers comfortable to eating food.

Besides, she understands that just by begging, you can present her with another bowl. There is no doubt that you will eventually yield to such demands since you would want to do anything for her.

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3. Working for food

Despite the fact that cats love the idea of being presented with food, they prefer working for such food on their own. In other words, they don’t like the idea of being fed by their owners. They have got instincts and are very smart. Thus, whenever they don’t get preys tracked down, they will begin to feel bored. This can lead to some health problems later on.

When there is no mental stimulation, such can bring about attention seeking, territory making, and aggression. Puzzle feeders, learning tricks, and playing games are great options you can try out. Also, try to hide the cat’s food to enable her search for it.

2. A stimulating surrounding 

When cats stay indoors, they are safe from dangers such as cars and predators. However, this practice also comes with some risks.

When they are always staying indoors, such can cause some health issues like obesity, diabetes, and urinary tract issue. These can happen due to a lack of stimulation around the environment. Felines enjoy spending their energy in order to be happy. Trying to feed them all day will not help in any way.

Always keep your feline stimulated. This can be done through the use of toys or taking her out for some climbing and run around. Allow her to watch squirrels and birds from the window. This will have some positive impacts on her health and mood. She just loves this one more than food.


1. You

You wouldn’t believe but the truth is that your cat prefers you to her food. The reason is that you’re always treating her with lots of affection.

A study carried out in Oregon State University reveals that cats love social interaction than food. Pet cats as well as shelter cats were included in the study. They were given options such as scent, toys, and food. On the other hand, there was the option of social interaction.

It was discovered that cats preferred the option of interacting with humans than food, toys, and scent. Therefore, anytime you discover that your feline is trying to follow you around the place rather than concentrate on her food, don’t be alarmed as she prefers being with you than eating the food. It is only a sign that you’ve been showing her lots of affection.

Is there any other thing that your cat prefers to food? Are you glad to know that your cat loves you than food? In case you have any comments, feel free to notify us.

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