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6 Tips For Cleaning Up Cat Hair


Perhaps you were waiting in a line somewhere like the grocery store and as you get ready to put your items on the checkout belt, the cashier suddenly says, “Oh! I see you must have a cat at home.” Likely you glanced down at your clothing to brush off any apparent cat hairs.

Cat hairs float through the air, so it can get almost anywhere. And since they go a lot more places than a dog, you likely find it in all kinds of places you may not expect to see it. For instance, one time I found cat hairs embedded in the crack of the stove and even sticking to a tube of lipstick, or yuck, in my tea cup. And my cats are even allowed near the stove!


6. Feed cats healthy diets

Feeding cats a totally balanced diet and ensuring they get enough water to drink will help make their cats healthy and shiny. But if they don’t get a good diet, their fur will be dull, matted and they will lose a lot of hair. They even get dandruff just like we do. Making sure your cat has a totally balanced and healthy diet every day will ensure they have healthy fur, which can keep it from being loose and flying all over the place.

Cats require low carb, high protein meals. According to vets, that will result in them shedding less and having a shiny, healthy coat.

Another issue could be a food allergy, as that can cause a cat to have skin or hair problems. They could be allergic to a specific kind of protein, so you will have to feed them some sort of special allergy-free food they may not have ever eaten. Or, you may have to try feeding them a fatty acid supplement. This help make their coats and skin healthy as they have anti-inflammatory properties.


5. Petting cats helps get rid of excess loose hairs

Some cat experts say all you have to do is pet your cat normally to get rid of the hair they shed, but that also depends on the cat. Some cats like long haired ones could also shed more than a short haired cat. One cat breeder was interviewed and she says she never uses a brush on her cats. Instead, she put a bit of bottled water on her hands and then pets her cat until the cat is dry. She says that helps get rid of dead hairs and then the remaining coat is new and shiny.

She also suggested using this technique especially on some breeds whose hair consists of mainly guard hairs like Domestic Shorthair, Oriental, or Tonkinese. But if your cat is a long-haired breed like a Persian, you are going to have to use a brush every day to keep down the cat hair shedding.


4. Brushing cats

Speaking of brushing, as stated earlier, you need to brush long-haired cats every day. Some owners say their cats want to be brushed several times a day. The key is to pick the right kind of brush. Some recommend a bristle type brush. One owner said their cats always go to the same area when they want to be brushed and look at them and meow at them until they get brushed. If you do this every day, then you are likely to find less cat hairs all over your house.

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Did you know cats groom around ten hours every day? Another reason you should brush our cat is so it won’t get so many hairballs since they swallow a lot of hair while grooming.

If your cat is a long-haired cat like a Persian, you should use a long-toothed stainless steel comb on them. That way it goes clear through the fur right down to their skin. But when it comes to brushing the more delicate, softer hair on a cat’s tummy you need a slicker type of brush.

Another reason to groom your cats, especially the long-haired ones, is if you don’t they will get all kinds of mats, particularly under their armpits and on their stomach. Plus, they will shed more and that will of course stick to your clothing and furniture.

Don’t ever cut mats if they won’t brush out! You could cut their skin by accident, so take them to a groomer or your veterinarian so they can either brush them out of if necessary, use clippers.

Other combs or brushes you might try are a flea com or one called a Furminator. The first will help you ensure your cat doesn’t have fleas, and the latter gets rid of those dead hairs in a cat’s undercoat.


3. Get a great vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter

It’s vital to get a great vacuum cleaner if you want to keep up with cat hairs. There are several designed especially for people with pets that help get rid of hair and allergen causing materials. You should make sure it has a HEPA filter to get rid of the allergens. Vacuuming should be done once a week. You should also use vacuum attachments on the furniture, car seats or window treatments when needed, as well as your cat’s scratching posts or cat trees.


2. Find helpful cleansing aids

There are also helpful aids to help you keep up with cat hair such as using a microfiber dry mop or an electrostatic mop to clean laminate, tile or wooden floors. You can also use a cloth made of those materials to get cat hair off any furniture that’s non-upholstered. Be sure to get into all the corners where you see cat hair has accumulated.

You can also use a sticky sheet on the upholstered type of furniture in between the times you vacuum. Keep a packet somewhere where you can get it out to do a quick pick up of cat hair if guests are coming over.

There are also specially designed gloves for picking up cat hair and these can be used on furniture, as well as any place a vacuum cleaner or sticky sheets won’t go.


1. Save up the cat hair and put it out for the birds

This is not a joke! I read about it from fans on Facebook.  One such fan told me they save cat hair in a net kind of bag and when full, they tied it onto a tree branch. The birds showed up and took the hair to use to build their nests. I have even seen examples of bird nests where the birds lined them with cat hair to keep warm. It’s a great way to use it up! You learn something new every day, right?


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