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6 Tips for Dealing with Diabetes in Cats


Bella is a cat that I am presently making plans of bringing into my family. She is very beautiful and special to me due to her feline diabetes. This means that for the remaining parts of her life, she will not only require ongoing care but also special attention. I have found out that when it comes to caring for a cat that is suffering from diabetes, there is nothing to be scared about. Below are some facts I have discovered about felines that are diabetics.


6. Diet is very important

Avoid feeding a diabetic cat with dry food. According to professional vets, foods with low carbohydrate and high protein are great for such cats. There is hardly any dry food that contains a low amount of carbohydrates. Even dry foods which are termed as grain-free contain carbohydrate substitutes like tapioca, peas or potatoes. Carbohydrates can bring about the fluctuation in blood sugar levels.

You don’t necessarily need to search for any of those expensive foods which are low in carbohydrates. This is because you can always search for one that fits your budget.


5. Home testing is not complicated

Just like humans who are diabetics, cats should be made to undergo tests regularly on their blood glucose. This is an exercise that you can do at home using standard glucometer as well as testing strips. They can be bought from local drugstores. Record the glucose level of your cat alongside the date and time when each test was carried out.

There is a small vein which is running around the ear’s edge. That is a spot where you can get a blood samples to carry out the test. Your vet is going to tell you about the number of times tests should be carried out on your cat. It is also possible to get such information from online sources.


4. Administering insulin is not hard

Insulin can be given to a cat suffering from diabetes through injection. There is good news about this which is the fact that cats have got some loose skin around and between their shoulders. These are the perfect spots where such insulin injections can be administered easily. Your vet can help show you how this can be done effectively. Also, there are videos on the internet that you can watch.

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3. Working with your vet closely

Regular examination is important during a time like this for your cat most especially when her dosage of insulin is being stabilized. Results of the test on blood glucose level which you’ve carried out on your cat will be sent to your vet. Prescription will also be needed from your vet for the purchase of a cat’s syringes and insulin.


2. Expenses will be incurred

Supplies are required when it comes to caring for a cat that is suffering from diabetes. These could be insulin, glucometer batteries, test trips, syringes, and others. Insurance for pet health doesn’t include pre-existing conditions. Therefore, once your cat happens to be diabetic before adoption, ensure to be financially prepared in case there is any health complication.

A cat that is suffering from diabetes will need to be regularly fed. Even when you tend to be going on a trip, ensure that there is an arrangement for feeding. This could mean getting a cat sitter hired. Even when you want to have one hired, ensure that such a sitter understands the rudiments of managing diabetes in cats including testing and administering of insulin.


1. There is adequate support

Felines suffering from diabetes aren’t short of support from experts. For instance, a website such as has been known to provide lots of helpful tips for cats that are affected by diabetes. This includes nutrition and other aspects. Diabetic Cats in Need happens to be another helpful platform which ensures that financial assistance is provided for diabetic cats’ parents.

Cat diabetes is neither scary nor complicated. Just become enlightened about this health issue and ensure that your vet is someone who can be trusted. Finally, don’t forget that your lifestyle will definitely change or be altered once you decide to adopt a cat like this in your home.


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