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6 Tips to Stop Destructive Chewing in Dogs


Is chewing a kind of destructive conduct? The simple reply is only if they are chewing up inappropriate items. Instead, you need to supply an appropriate item to chew.

Chewing inappropriate objects isn’t just destructive to your belongings or your house. It’s also a danger to your pet since he could choke on the item being chewed, or it could cause a blockage to their intestines, or break up into sharp parts which will damage your dog’s insides.

Therefore, chewing isn’t a behavior you want to stop 100 percent, as it’s a vital part of a puppy’s teething action. Adult dogs many times chew things for entertainment or they may just be bored. If they are tearing up or chewing items such as paper, it could additionally be how they are showing they are stressed or have too much stored up energy.

You need to ensure your pet is chewing on something appropriate so they won’t bother your things, and they will also stay safe from choking or worse issues. The following are several ways to redirect dog chewing habits and halt this undesired behavior.


6. Puppy-proof as well as Adult Dog-Proof Your Home

Like any issue that needs to be changed, it’s vital to manage the situation.

The majority of dog owners know they should puppy proof their homes. That means things like placing your shoes in a closet or putting your puppy in his crate if you aren’t able to supervise them.

However, don’t forget that a lot of older dogs also must be managed so they don’t get into trouble.

Examine your home for unsafe things your dog may be able to get into. Be sure there’s a safe area to leave your dog alone in if you aren’t going to be home. Make sure to keep those inappropriate items out of chewing reach.


5. Provide Chew Toys

If you see your pup trying to chew something they shouldn’t, then merely stop them and give them a proper chew toy.

You can keep a Kong toy stuffed with treats or peanut butter in a baggie in the freezer and easily quickly take it out when you need something for your dog to chew. By filling it up with treats or peanut butter (be sure to check it doesn’t have xylitol, as that’s poisonous to dogs) your pet may be more inclined to not chew on inappropriate items.

A lot of dogs like to chew at specific times, so once you figure that out be sure to give them the Kong or other chew toy at those times.


4. Use Sprays and Repellents that Taste Bad

Adult dogs as well as puppies can be kept from chewing inappropriate things by the use of environment type deterrents. This includes products like Bitter Apple or some other type of repellent that’s safe for dogs. These are harmless to the dog, but taste horrible, so likely your dog won’t return to chewing on whatever you spray these on.

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3. Provide Lots of Exercises

Exercise is crucially vital for dogs to incline to chew on inappropriate things or those that do other destructive things. If your dog is tired, he will likely be too pooped out to do destructive things.

Likewise, exercise generates endorphins, the chemicals that calm both dogs and people. You can even stimulate more endorphins by letting your dog chew on appropriate items such as those mentioned previously. If your dog has not been getting enough exercise, that may be why they are chewing up things inappropriately.

Be sure your pup gets all the exercise they need so they won’t be bored, anxious, or do things inappropriate to get your attention.


2. Make an Appointment With Your Veterinarian

Sometimes, chewing up stuff is a sign of something more serious, like separation anxiety. Dogs get this when they are overly anxious when they are alone and their people are at work or gone for some reason.

If you think your dog suffers from this, you need to go to the vet and get him examined to find out if it is that or some other problem.

Dogs with separation anxiety can be treated via medicine, or changes in their diet or exercise program, or sometimes a mix of these treatments. It’s not so simple to discover the reason or to treat and cure it. It may take a long time to see any progress. However, by addressing it you should be able to get help for their harmful chewing problem.

A few medical issues can make a dog want to chew stuff. One such condition is called pica. It’s when a dog feels the urge to eat things that are not food. It is a sign of an underlying medical problem.

This is why it’s vital to speak to a vet about your dog, so they can determine if something physical is going on and then provide advice on how to stop this destructive chewing problem.


1. Be Gentle With Your Dog!

Several dog training books are still sold that tell people to use methods that are inhumane to stop a dog from chewing, like taping up a dog’s mouth with duct tape or beating them! Of course, these should never be used!

It’s both cruel and ineffective. Using appropriate management, for example, using a crate when you can’t supervise your pet, as well as using exercise, will reduce most types of destructive behavior issues.

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