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7 Great Ways to Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Healthy


Humans have lots of ways to keep their teeth clean, in the wild cats have two options: chewing on grass or bones. An adult feline has 30 teeth, so how do we keep them in excellent dental health?


7 Notice Details

Kitty’s breath is a good indicator of when it is having oral problems. Naturally, a cat has a fishy smell, and it’s not overwhelming if your cat’s breath becomes nasty if could be a sign of dental or gum problems.


6 Dental Checkup every year

Take your feline friend to the VET for a dental check-up at least once a year. The vet can make sure all of the issues are taken care of. They can also set up a treatment plan if your cat has major dental issues.


5 Create a Routine

It is better to get your cat used to teeth brushing as a kitten. It’s best to use gauze along with cat toothpaste. Dip your finger holding the gauze in tuna water to make it a more pleasant experience.

It may be harder to establish a cleaning routine for adult cats. They may not be happy at all with this routine. So if you have the chance to begin this routine when the cats are kittens.


4 Learn how to clean their teeth at home

You can keep your cat’s teeth clean at home! Cat toothpaste is available so you can find a flavor your cats enjoy. Let your cat try their new toothpaste, and let them enjoy it a tad! This will make cleaning their teeth easier! Do not use human toothpaste on cats; it can harm them.

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Let the cat get used to the toothpaste then:

  • hold you can from behind
  • firmly hold (cup) the cat’s chin
  • Lift the lips of your cat
  • Then use gauze or kitty toothbrush to brush his teeth.

Of course, your cat may not be happy with you or the health routine but is much better for kitty in the long run!


3 Keep Gums Healthy

Often when a cat’s gums are inflamed (red and swollen), it can be a sign of tooth decay.

So when brushing his teeth rubs his gums too. I use gauze for his gums. Stimulating their gums will increase their blood flow, helping their oral health overall.


2. Cat food choices

Food is vital for dental health too! You can vary your cat’s food wet or dry as long as the food is in the portions and deliver balanced nutrition for your cat.

Ask your veterinarian for recommendations, especially if your cat is on a special diet.


1 Treat to keep cat teeth clean!

Giving treats can help with tarter control, but they don’t prevent all of the tartar control. Although they are often advertised as the complete treatment for tartar build-up, they only offer “normal benefits” such as chewing on bones as cats do in the wild.

Try to use these as a reward after cleaning your cat’s teeth for their excellent behavior.

Remember your cat’s overall health can be damaged through poor dental hygiene. With the right routine, including Vet exams and a care routine at home, you can help your cat stay pain-free and happy!


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