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7 Reasons To Get Outdoors With Your Dog


Inspiration is everywhere nowadays. You can find it on your smartphone or laptop screen (people post lots of cute puppy pix you don’t want to miss!) as well as by binge-watching up favorite show via Netflix. Plus you just know you want to play the latest version of Candy Crush! However, with all that distracting, I mean inspiring you, you might not remember you can also get inspired by your own cute little furry pal lying next to you. Here’s 7 things to motivate you to go outside to play with your pup.


7. You can stay fit

Social media won’t help you tone up your thighs or get rid of your dog’s flabby tummy. An example of a fantastic reason to head out the door with your pup and toss him a ball is that it provides a cardiovascular benefit you both can benefit from. You will burn calories as well as have a great time. What? You don’t know where the ball got off to? Try looking under your couch next to all that dust under there.

If you add in a single walk to your day or walk longer on your regular walks by about fifteen minutes, you’ll add on over 200 burned calories! This aids both you and your pup so neither of you will be overweight.


6. Raising your social media presence

I bet you can count lots of pictures of you and your pup cuddled up on the couch together. What about that profile photo, isn’t it time to update it? Every second you remain seated in front of your laptop or phone you lose the chance to take more photos. How many likes do you think you could get if you posted a picture of you and your pup standing next to some kind of national landmark? Likely a lot more than the latest picture of you giving your dog a bath, even if he does look cute when wet.

You should start using your social media accounts to motivate yourself to produce some fun pictures of you interacting with your pup. Do you have a favorite picture a friend posted or that is famous for something? Then try recreating it. Extra Brownie points if you need to go for a walk or a drive somewhere that’s dog friendly. And, hey, by the way? Did you ever find your pup’s tennis ball? Extra points if you did!


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5. Meet new friends — and pups!

Did you ever notice you meet more people when you go to a dog friendly place like a dog park vs. the number you met at your house if you stayed in and played video games? And really, that guy from Door Dash does not apply, even though he loves your pup.

If you aren’t aware of it by now, people who love dogs are great! There’s no other time when you can go straight up to someone and let them know you just love love love their little poochy pie. Honestly, there’s hardly ever a scenario to do that! What another person can you confide in when your pup has an icky habit of digging into the garbage or cat litter box? There’s never too many dog lovers in your life.

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4. Socialize your pup

The majority of dogs benefit if you bring them to meet other pups. A dog park isn’t only for the well-socialized pups that adore the whole world and everything in it. All dogs require some doggie time. If your pup is on the shy side, he may discover a new friend at the park that gets him to interact freely. If you shelter your pup too much, they tend to end up with phobias or fears.  You need to expose your pup to new locations, new folks, as well as different scents, noises, and things he doesn’t see every day! This helps your pup get along in the world much better. If there’s bad weather, then call your buddies with dogs and have everyone over as a doggie play date inside the house.


3. See a new location

Do not wait until your buddy decides to go somewhere or wants to take a trip and has asked you to come along. Instead, look down at your pup’s cute, funny face. He is the most loyal soul in your life! So get out and take your pup to locations you’ve never been to before. It’s simple to bring along those toy-sized dogs, and if your dog is one of the big breeds, you can take him on a road trip. No matter if the only place you go is some new nature trail or a brand new dog park that opened up last week, it’s a different place you both can learn about together. Plus! You can post all about it on social media to fulfill an earlier suggestion in this article.


2. Keep your pup’s brain engaged

A few pups are happy to stay curled up on the couch, but some will get so bored they end up chewing up your couch in a single afternoon! Dogs have a lot of energy and their active brains need some mental stimulation! If you have a destructive pup, it is probably because he’s bored. So why don’t you engage his mind by hiding some treats all over the apartment? Of you can play fetch with him, or even do something crazy like fill up one of those little plasic pools with snow and throwing in a few toys or treats for your pup to find. All these activities will help to keep your pup’s mind focused on productive play instead of destructive trouble.


1. Training opportunities

When you play with your pup it’s a great opportunity to do some training. For instance, if you are showing them how to fetch or how to catch a frisbee, it’s actually more than just a play session. When you play fetch you additionally are teaching your pup the “come” command and when he puts that ball into your hand, you can teach him the “drop it” command. Or you can teach him “sit” and “stay” while you throw the ball, and then give him permission to go after it. This and other games can help you train your dog in a fun and playful way that benefits you both.


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