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7 Reasons Why You Need a Cat In Your Life Today


They say that a dog is a human’s best friend, but every cat lover knows this isn’t accurate. Cats can also be our best friends, from sweet snuggles at night to head bumps and kneading during the day.

Here are 7 absolutely purr-fect reasons to have a cat. Or, if you want to be a little more accurate, these are 17 purr-fect benefits to being owned by a cat!


1. Cats Actually Lower Stress & Improve Your Physical Health

Believe it or not, cats can be good for your health! Petting a cat can lower your blood pressure.

Some research indicates that having a cat can even lower your risk of heart disease or stroke and decrease the number of times that you have to visit a doctor.


2. They’re Low Maintenance

Compared to having a dog or many other types of pets, cats are very low maintenance. You can leave a cat for a day or two, and they’ll be just fine, as long as they have plenty of food, water, and a litter box. With a dog, you have to make sure someone’s around to take them outside for potty breaks.

Cats also groom themselves, so they don’t need frequent baths. They’re very self sufficient.


3. They Help You Realize Just How Fascinating The Outdoor World Really Is

Have you ever known a cat who wasn’t just absolutely fascinated with the outdoors? Raise the blinds on your window, and your cat will watch your backyard as if it were an action movie.

Until you have cats, you may never realize just how fascinating outdoor life is, from watching visiting birds to following the trail of quick-moving lizards.


4. Cats Keep You From Being Lonely

Cats make great companions. They love to snuggle in your lap and keep you company. They want to play “hunt” all around the house. Many cats will even wait at the door for you to come home!

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Cats show their appreciation in many ways. When you adopt a kitten fur baby, you don’t ever feel lonely.


5. They Do Well In Almost Any Environment, Even Small Apartments

Cats don’t need a huge backyard to run around in, unlike some breeds of dogs. As long as you give them plenty to do and have toys available to keep them entertained, cats are happy.

If you live in an apartment that’s smaller, you’ll just need to provide more vertical space for a cat to move around in, such as cat trees and cat “shelves” that are mounted on the wall.

Cats can often adapt easily to smaller living environments if you give them a lot of vertical space.


6. They Make Great Alarm Clocks

If you have a cat, you don’t have to worry about sleeping your day away. If you’re not free feeding, you can be assured that kitty will wake you up when you’re late setting out breakfast.

But even if you do leave food out, your cat will get bored if you sleep for too long. You’ll inevitably find a paw on your face, as kitty seeks to get their companion up so they can have some company.


7. They Keep You Entertained

Cats are great at providing entertainment, and this is doubly true if you have two! They will chase each other around, have mock fights, and sometimes even do their own versions of hide and seek.

Even if you just have one cat, you’ll probably get to watch them chasing invisible prey around the house, seen only in their kitty imagination.


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