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7 Reasons Why Your Cat is Sneezing


Cat sneezes are very cute, a kitten wrinkles its nose, and here are the tiny little sneezes |are adorable. Everyone sneezes on occasion even your feline friends. This is completely normal every once in a while, if your cat sneezes are more than occasional, or are followed with a lot of mucus or bloody mucus, and maybe more serious than just a cute sneeze. Another sign that your cat may need checked out is if they have mucus discharge from their eyes.

Whether you’re concerned, or just curious, read on for some possible reasons why your kitty might sneeze:


7. Dental disease can cause sinus problems.

If your cat has any dental problems this can also cause sneezing especially if their teeth are infected at the root. Infections of kitties teeth can allow bacteria to set up within nasal sinuses. This causes inflammation and sneezing of flour.


6. Intranasal medications or vaccines

If your cat has recently had any type of intranasal vaccine bass can cause sneezing for a few days after they’re given to your cat. This type of sneezing can last for a few days and go away on its own without a trip to the vet. It’s noted the intranasal means a medicine given through the nostrils.


5. They have a tickle in their noses.

Sometimes humans sneeze just because they have a tickle in their throat or their nose. So cats can also have tickles in their nose from dust or household cleaners, even certain candles can irritate a cat and cause them to sneeze. Yet again the best can be very common unless There is a specific allergen in your home that kitty is allergic to that you need to find and remove the allergen.

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4. Respiratory infections

Did you know cats can get colds and respiratory infections too! It’s true in the most common infectious diseases include:

  • Herpes virus
  • Calicivirus
  • Chlamydia infections
  • Bacterial infections such as Mycoplasma

Infections caused by viruses can be accompanied by a cough and tearing or discharge from the eyes. Sometimes fungal infections can also result in sinus infections including swelling of the nasal cavity.


3. Chemical irritants

Occasionally it smells or chemical fumes that are associated with cleaning products or aerosols can also cause inflammation Evelyn nose and sinuses. Belt in humans and our furry friends sneezing is a way to rid our bodies of these harmful irritants. So cats can sneeze when their sinuses are irritated.  Some cats are sensitive to things like smoke perfumes and other chemicals.


2. Foreign bodies

Sometimes foreign objects can find their way into a cat’s nose. Some of these foreign bodies include Blades of grass, dirt, buzz and other household items. The response if the cat will first result in nasal irritation with the kitty trying to sneeze out the object. If the object is not sneezed out then a nasal infection can occur.

1. Allergies

Typically not common in most cases cats can also be allergic to common outdoor pollen such as tree and flower pollen. They also may be allergic to mold and mildew.

Wrap up!

If your cat only sneezes once in a while, there isn’t really anything to worry about but if your cat has a discharge from the eyes and nose that last for several days or has blood in their mucus or nosebleeds a long breath loss of appetite 4 lights seem lethargic it’s best to consult your veterinarian.


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