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7 Safety Tips For The Home When You Have A Cat


Cats are supposed to have 9 lives. They land on their feet every time.  These are just sayings, and in reality, you must put in place some critical safety measures in your home to make sure your cat stays safe.

Even though cats are wonderfully independent creatures, we must do what we can as pet owners to ensure our cats’ living area is free from harmful things and safe.

Here are 7 ideas to help you to make your house safe for your cats right now.


7. Stay Away From Poisonous Plants

Considering growing some herbs in your kitchen? Or buying a few house plants?

Prior to revving up that green thumb, it’s vital to ensure you don’t decide on any flower, plant or herb that could be poisonous to your pet.


6. Stay Away From Intense Cleaning Substances

Many types of cleaning substances are poisonous to felines, therefore you need to ensure you lock up any of those strong cleaning products, i.e. like those used to open up drains or that have bleach in them. These could not just irritate your pet, but if you use them around their litter boxes, they could refuse to use them.


5. Lockup All Pill and Medications

This tip likely seems like common sense; however, it is vital to not be lazy and leave things out like supplements or vitamins where your cat might knock them over and think they are cat treats and eat them.

Lock up all your medicine somewhere your pet can’t get into, such as a locked cabinet or other containers that’s cat proof.


4. Be Careful With Things That Break

Cats may be very dainty, yet at times very ungainly, especially little kittens.  Therefore, stay smart! Ensure any heavy object or things that may break and leave sharp little pieces is not placed on your windowsill awaiting your furry friend to lean on it too hard.

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Additionally, any tall furniture your cat may decide to climb onto needs to be tethered to your wall, in case it falls over when your pet tries to climb on it.


3. Tie Up Those Blind Cords

It may look cute if your little kitty is batting those blind cords playfully, however, you ought to make sure they are tied up and not where they can get to them.

Why? Because there is always the chance their play could go wrong and that blind cord could get wrapped around the poor kitty’s neck.


2. Examine Screens to see if there are any Holes

It may be a boring task, however, once you begin to have open windows once summer hit, you need to examine your screen to ensure there’s not any kind of holes in them.

Additionally, make sure those screens are tightly fitted into the windows and there’s no chance of them popping out.

1. Do not Lock Your Cats Inside Your Appliances!

This occurs more often than you may think so it’s really not a laughing matter. The cat strolls into, for instance, an open dryer door or perhaps is enticed by the food and gets into the fridge. Then the humans of the house unwittingly close the doors and turn on the dryer or the cat in the fridge now has no air supply.

Do not be that human! Examine those appliances prior to use and do it each and every instance you use them.

Are there additional hints you know to make sure your cats remain safe? Do you do things at your house so your cats have a more cat-friendly environment? Tell us in the comments section.


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