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7 Secret Benefits You Can Get From Sleeping With Dog


Everyone has been told at one point or another that you shouldn’t let your dog sleep with you. Some say dogs are dirty or that it’s unhealthy.

Folks have said these things for a long time.

However, what about if we reveal to you that it’s not really the truth?

There’s real benefits to your health if you let your dog sleep with you and not just to get lots of cuddling time.

It is actually good for your pup as well!

And what person does not wish to do anything possible to ensure their pup is as joyful as they can be?

Hey all you guys who love dogs and who love to cuddle up with your warm and fluffy pup at night. Well, you may keep on sleeping with your furry friend.

Odds are, you will sleep a lot better. And really, don’t we all need a good night’s rest so we can face the day?

It is truly a winning scenario for both you and your pup!


1: Dogs Give Us Comfort

No matter if it is a dog’s warmth or their rhythmic breathing, dogs just seem to comfort us so very much. So the bed is so cozy and safe feeling.

2: Dogs Help Prevent Insomnia

Our dog’s presence encourages calm, as well as relieves stress, and makes us feel safe. Therefore, essentially, they remove everything that makes us unable to go to sleep.

#3: Cuddling With Dogs Gets Rid of Stress And Worry

Therapy pups have shown us that dogs are great at relieving stress. They have a positive mindset and that is contagious to those around them. Plus the fact they’re attentive is quite reassuring.

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#4: Dogs Keep Us Warm

A dog’s warm body, as well as their inclination to snuggle up as with us as close as possible, creates our own little bed heater. It may not be so comfy in the summertime, but it’s great on a cold winter night.

#5: Dogs Aid in Fighting Depression

Something our dogs give us unconditionally is love. If you are fighting depression, having that kind of link might be difficult to come by. To get it, and have not even a single question asked of you, well that is awesome and helps us get through a rough timeframe.

#6: Dogs Make Us Feel Safe and Secure

Just realizing there’s someone else there with us, watching while we are so vulnerable as we sleep, is quite comforting. Dogs have great hearing and they tend to bark if they see or sense a strange presence, and that is one of the factors in them making us feel safe and secure.

#7: It is Great For Dogs As Well

Dogs love us! They want nothing more than being next to us at all times. So if we let them sleep and cuddle in our bed, it makes them very happy. They are comforted by us as they do the same for us. Therefore, the sleeping arrangement is great for all of us.


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