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7 Signs You Have a Healthy Cat


Typically, we have a total of 7 strong signs of vitality which can enable your cat to be fully active as well as feel lively. Every one of our delicious recipes was developed especially to cater for your pet cat through specialized nutrition which they will find irresistible.


7. Healthy cat skin and cat coat

All cats are great cleaners – always making use of the rough tongues as well as forepaws, the cats usually groom themselves at every chance they get.

The skin of the cat has very essential functions which assist them in exploring their immediate environment. The cat possesses thousands of perceptive nerve endings which can make it easily detect pressure, vibration, temperature as well as touch. IAMS food has a balanced composition of about omega 3 & 6, which helps in keeping their fur amazingly soft as well as keeping their skin resilient and supple. In addition to that, Vitamin E also can aid in the protecting of the fur and the skin of the cat, therefore one can sense the healthy cat nourishment once it is stroked.


6. Healthy Muscles

All cats are inquisitive and playful animals who are continuously on alert. Jumping from its tired sun spot next to the window trying to run after their mouse toy means that the muscles of the cat should be properly nourished.

Cats ought to get the right balance of nourishment in their diets in order to give them lean and strong muscles. Elder cats in particular require the high level of quality protein contained in food made by IAMS so as to keep the cat’s muscles active and healthy. Our cat food also has essential minerals which would ensure that all cats are toned up and as well as ready for any activity.


5. A healthy cat heart

All cats are animals that are curious and they like to wander about or rather run after their most liked toy. Keeping the heart of your cat healthy is among the ways that you can ensure that your cat’s playful personality is able to shine through. All cats require their diets to have protein for their heart to be kept healthy.

Among the best advantages of IAMS food mostly is the fact that it has taurine. This vital amino acid aids in nourishing the heart of the cat so that you could feel the love of the cat on a daily basis.


4. Proper digestion of the cat

Normally, cats possess various habits of eating; several cats prefer eating all the food they have one time whereas other cats prefer to eat their food one chunk after the other. Whichever pattern of eating your cat fancies, keeping their food digestion pretty healthy is very essential to make sure that that they get the most from their meals.

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Thanks to the fresh cat food formulated by IAMS, you would easily fall in love with their healthy digestions each time that you are clearing up after the cat, while using our properly made prebiotics that have been blended with fiber as well as beet pulp which will aid healthy digestion.


3. A robust cat immune system

In spite the fact that these cats groom themselves meticulously, they are not immune to illnesses, particularly, if they like going outdoors. On a daily basis though, your pet cat will be faced all types of viruses and bacteria. Giving them the proper nutrients to back up their healthy immune system would aid in keeping the cat protected in case of the cat’s next adventure.

Recipes from IAMS have a balanced combination of antioxidants that include Vitamin E and C which can support in the immune health of the cat. Therefore, you can easily let your cat stalk through the tall grass, without ever having to worry if they could pick up anything.


  2. Robust healthy teeth

Our cats are not able to get their teeth brushed just like ours, therefore it is vital that they be given the necessary nutrient they would use to keep healthy teeth. Every cat may undergo some series of dental issues at some point as they grow older.

With IAMS, the cat’s teeth are healthy enough that you hear the action of their healthy teeth when ever they are busy eating tasty meals. This aids in keeping their teeth healthy and robust, so that they can easily enjoy every bite of their food.


  1. Healthy cat Urinary Tract

The diet of your cat has a great impact in the healthiness of its urinary system – this is something that may not come to mind when selecting cat food. Food by IAM can help clean out the urinary system of your cat and make it healthy due to specially formulated nutrients and minerals that are packed into one delicious crunchy bite.

Similar to the complete and well-balanced expert nourishment for the cat, a vital component that can keep the cat’s urinary tract of the cat healthy is water. Therefore, you should always ensure that your pet cat has an abundance of normal fresh water which will ensure that they are adequately hydrated and kept happy.


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