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7 Signs Your Cat Is Really Happy


Cat owners know that cats are picky and complex. We love them all the more for these quirky habits. At times it’s simple to know if cats are in a good mood, however at times you only get subtle clues, and you could not notice those if you aren’t sure what they are.


7. Various Tail Movements

Cats use their tails for a lot of things, and one of those things is showing us the kind of mood they are in. But unless you are paying attention, you might not even notice they are doing this. Therefore, what tail movements show cats are happy?

If you see a cat with its tail held high, that means they are happy, as well as confident in their surroundings. Watch the tip of their tail too, as that is also used to signal their mood. If they have a twitching or rattlesnake tail movement, you can be assured your happiness is super happy and glad to see their human.


6. Rubbing or head butting

It’s adorable to see a cat rubbing against someone’s legs as they go about their day. However, it is not as subtle as it looks. Did you know your cat has scent glands in their head, chin, tail and lips? These are used when they want to mark something whether it is people, places, or other creatures they trust.


5. Ear movements

Ears also show a cat’s mood. If their ears are standing straight upward, it means they are interested in what they see and have gone on alert. If their ears are bent forward a bit, it likely means your cat is in a playful mood and is happy.


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4. Vocalizations like Purring

Most people associate purring with a cat being happy. Animal specialists think it’s our cats’ method of telling us everything is okay. But there are things cats purr about besides when they are happy. Stressed out cats may also purr to help soothe themselves. Besides purring, cats also make other sorts of vocalizations like chirping, gurgling, and high pitched meow.


3. Making biscuits, otherwise called Kneading

Cat owners have all kinds of fun names for kneading. Some say it’s making biscuits; others call it playing the piano or even mashing potatoes or acupuncture treatment. But no matter the name for it, you can tell a cat that’s kneading is purely happy. They do it in remembrance of the time they nursed when they were babies, and it makes them happy and they feel safe. Many times they mix kneading with things like closing their eyes halfway or purrs.


2. Slow eye blinks

Cats only close their eyes around someone or another animal they trust. If a cat is blinking at you slowly or watching you and their eyes are open halfway, that means they love you and trust you. So, why not return that feeling and do some slow blinks right back? They will love you even more.


1. Additional cat body language

Other body language cats show include things like arching their backs. This could mean they’re happy unless of course their fur is all stood up like a Halloween cat. Plus, if your cat rolls over and lets you see her tummy, it means she’s happy and comfy around you. Especially if it’s combined with purrs and her eyes are halfway open.


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