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7 Signs Your Cat Might Be Pregnant


Even though a cat can be pregnant and even have her kittens without needing a veterinarian, it’s best she gets medical care during the pregnancy. It’s vital to realize your cat is going to have kittens for both her sake and yours. If you believe your cat is pregnant, the vet can give her a health exam and ensure all is well. Besides that vital action, you will also have the time to get ready for the kittens. You will have to answer a few questions such as if you plan to keep all the kittens or if you intend to find them new homes. Don’t forget that most animal shelters get full up fast and likely won’t take in an additional litter of kittens.

So, this is why you need to be ready. The following are a few clues that signify your cat is going to have kittens that you absolutely need to heed.


1. The cat doesn’t go into heat

If your cat is a female and isn’t spayed, you likely know that cats have heat cycles. If a cat’s going through a heat cycle, she is usually super lovely, when she meows it sounds horribly like she’s in agony, and she rolls on the ground all the time, as well as seeming to be hunting for something. These heat cycles normally occur every ten to 14 weeks and go on for around 7 days. If she hasn’t had one recently, she might be pregnant.


2. The cat’s nipples appear different

Just like human women, a female cat goes through several changes as they get ready to have kittens. So if she is pregnant, her nipples will appear different. Likely they will swell up, become engorged, and might turn a color that’s darker. That’s pretty simple to see, especially if the cat has light colored fur. But if your cat has dark or long hair, this might not be so noticeable.


3. The cat wants to eat all the time

Here’s an additional sign to show she’s pregnant you’re not likely to skip over. If she’s pregnant her appetite will get more, however, some cats already eat a lot so you may or may not notice anything different. However, it should be remembered anyway.

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4. The cat acts more affectionate around you

When a cat is pregnant she goes through a mood change, however, it’s not as sad as with human women, they end up becoming extremely affectionate and friendly. She will want lots and lots of love from you and ask for plenty of attention. Purina says that a pregnant kitty will be more maternal acting which means she will purr a lot more and look for lots of attention and petting from you. If this is happening, snuggle with her a much as she wants. She is going through hard times!


5. The cat vomits

If you have a female cat that suddenly vomits all the time, it could be she is pregnant. Cats actually get morning sickness like people. Be sure to notice any time your pet seems to be ill and sick physically. It might suggest some sort of illness and if she is doing it all the time, you should take her to the veterinarian.


6. The cat is nesting

When a cat is in the last stages of being pregnant, they will start to nest. This means she is getting ready to give birth and is looking for a safe, peaceful location to do it. Veterinarians say that a cat like this will pick somewhere quiet and begin to arrange a nest to give birth in.


7. The cat’s stomach appears to be larger

Lastly, the most obvious signal is the cat’s stomach gets bigger and bigger and you will likely see lots of swelling in her stomach area and that may signify the cat is pregnant. That’s an additional reason to take your cat to the veterinarian to rule out anything other than pregnancy and get them checked.


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