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7 Simple Ways to Makeover Your Diet


If your fridge at home is still filled with all of the temptations and ingredients from your old lifestyle, then staying on the health and fitness wagon is going to be so much harder than it needs to be! Here are ways to improve your diet without you even noticing.


1. Avoid Eating Late At Night

Many people have an ‘end-of-day load’ approach to their food intake, sometimes eating a large evening meal at 9pm, having eaten very sparingly throughout the day. Effectively they have starved themselves during their period of maximum activity and when they get home they are extremely hungry and eat a very large meal before going to bed.


2. Make Time To Eat

If you allow the time to savor and enjoy your meal it’s not only more beneficial to your digestive health, but it will also allow your body the time to recognise that it’s full. It takes around 20 minutes of eating before the body begins to feel signs of satiety, so make sure you take the time at every meal.


3. Use The 80:20 Approach

It would take a superhuman to follow a perfectly healthy diet all of the time and it’s absolutely acceptable to ‘stray’ every now and then. Try to keep up your good habits at least 80 per cent of the time, allowing you to stray for 20 per cent. This approach allows you the flexibility to enjoy life without being too restrictive, but still helps you to adopt healthy habits for the majority of the time.

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4. Eat Protein With Complex Carbohydrates

Combining these food groups in the correct proportions will ensure you receive a steady flow of energy, as the body converts foods relatively slowly into glucose. You can then avoid triggering insulin production therefore minimising the potential for your body to store food as fat.


5. Stay Hydrated

Symptoms of dehydration include unusual fatigue, dizziness, hunger, dry skin, dark urine and general lethargy. When you consider that the majority of our bodies are made up from water, topping up your body’s fluid intake with water and natural fluids (for example: fruit juice) is extremely important.


6. Go For ’20 Per Day’

Try and eat 20 different, healthy foods each day to ensure that you are fuelling your body with a broad range of different nutrients. A diet rich in variety will guarantee that you are getting the full complement of vitamins, minerals and trace elements – and will make your meals more interesting too. Try introducing two new foods to your shopping trolley every week.


7. Avoid Sugar

Where possible try to avoid sugary foods. The best way to reduce your sugar intake is to do so gradually, weaning yourself off so that your cravings subside. By taking simple steps and being vigilant about ingredients, you’ll see the benefits in no time.



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