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7 Things to Do to Make A Cat Happy


Everyone wants their cat to be healthy and happy. Besides providing for all their main needs for food and water, along with shelter and medical care, you can do several other things that will make your cat think you are the cat’s meow. Here are seven things to do to make a cat happy:


Happy Cat Tip 1: Warm Areas

Cats adore staying warm. It doesn’t matter if it’s due to a toasty fireplace, a stove or the sunshine shining in the window. If you make sure your cat has places of warmth like a nice snuggly cat bed or a sunny window bed it will definitely make them purr with happiness. You can also place a cat bed or a scratching post near a source of heat like next to the window or near the heaters. Your cat will love these spots for napping, grooming or just hanging out.


Happy Cat Tip 2: A way to the Great Outside World

The majority of cats adore the outside world, as all the exciting smells along with the birds and other kinds of stimulation the outside world brings. It is heaven to your cat. But a lot of cat owners don’t want to put their pets in danger so they don’t allow them outside. Even though cats have claws and can fight or climb to get away from trouble, just being outside can put them in danger against things like cars they can’t fight back. If you’d like your cat to be able to go outside but not be in danger then you must go out with them via putting them on a leash or putting them inside an outside patio enclosure. If you can’t do that, at least put a scratching post next to a doorway or a window for them to look outside.


Happy Cat Tip 3: Speak their Language

Many cats are talky cats such as the Siamese breed. However, any breed of cat can “talk” to their owners using their own specific language. You can cause you to cat to be happy if you make some of those same specific noises they use when they are happy. You can copy meows, purrs, and other noises your cat uses. You know? You could even begin a long talk with them using a language you both will understand.


Happy Cat Tip 4: Reading A Cat’s Body Language

If you understand your cat’s body language, it doesn’t just keep him happy, it helps you protect yourself too. A happy cats struts around and carries its tail held straight up as well as it may slightly curve its tail so it looks like a cane. She will rub on you, as well as purr or slowly blink her eyes at you if she truly loves you. All these things tell you the cat is happy and healthy. If a cat is frightened or mad, it flattens its ears tightly against its head. Then it hisses, growls, or puffs up its body so it looks bigger. If you see a cat acting out with any of those revealing symptoms, it is time to back away from it and let it go somewhere to calm down. Don’t push interaction or you are liable to get a scratched arm or even get bitten.

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Happy Cat Tip 5: Have a “Spa” Day

Though, cats are well-known staying quite clean, times are when your cat deserves a spa day. That could involve a long deluxe brushing session, as well as clipping their nails and if your cat likes baths, then by all means give them a nice warm bath. Taking the time to groom your pet makes them feel wonderful, and it also ensures there aren’t any matts, plus it can invoke true bonding between you and your cat. To truly finish your special spa day, end things by giving your cat some catnip.


Happy Cat Tip 6: Interactive Entertainment

Even if you may own two or more cats, getting some interactive entertainment with their human is something your cat will love. Cats love a  thrilling hunting session via some dangly, bouncy toys or a string or other thing you drag in front of them. Give the cat lots of fun by playing with them with the toys they love best or run around the room with them. That improves the cat’s mood as well as helps to ensure they stay happy and healthy and in shape. Cats additionally like all variety of stimulating things, so give them lots of different toys, as well as some boxes or paper sacks. Nothing perks up a cat better than playing with them all afternoon and letting them explore new playthings.


Happy Cat Tip 7: Love them, love them and love them some more

It’s very sad to hear about cats that are being abused and that are spiritless and unhappy. To fight that wrong these poor animals had to endure, you should give them tons of your love, as well as praise them and give them lots of positive interactions. That will work wonders for assisting them in trusting people once again. If you show your cat you love them, they will be very happy and respond in kind. If could take some time, but be patient and keep on loving your cat and it will reap huge benefits eventually.

Contented cats are fit and amusing animals for you to have in your home. So do what you can to keep your pet comfy, happy and stimulated and love them forever, then you’ll forever have the satisfaction and joy to know you are helping at least one cat have a happy and good life.


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