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7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work


Your pup is truly your best buddy, therefore, it’s difficult to leave him all alone, no matter if it’s an hour or a full day while you’re at work or school. No one wants their pup to get bored, therefore, here are 7 methods of keeping your pup healthy, entertained, and happy when you aren’t at home.


1. Provide a window to watch the world

Dogs enjoy a great view. No matter if your dog isn’t a guard dog, they still love to watch the world go by, especially if they can sit up high to do it.

So, locate a window with an appealing view of what’s going on outside. Make sure the curtains are open so your pup can watch the world go by during the day. Put his doggie bed, a blanket, or chair next to it so he’ll be more likely to want to stay there. You will be amazed at the length of time your pup may like to just sit there and watch everything as he waits for your arrival.


2. Stash food and treats all over your house

A lot of dogs like to hunt for treats and food. Therefore, prior to leaving for the day why don’t you hide some kibble and treats all over the house. Mix up the hiding places so your dog won’t get bored. Then he can have fun sniffing all over to find the tasty morsels.

Make things even more exciting by getting some of the food puzzle toys that hold kibble or small treats. Then they have to sniff out the goodies, as well as use their brains to figure out how to get the treats out of the puzzle toy.


3. Freeze a bowl of water filled up with some treats

One fun thing you can do is put some treats into a bowl of water and freeze it. Then, put it where your dog can get to it during the day when you’re gone. The ice will slowly melt, and the treats will be accessible. Your dog can lick the ice, which keeps him cool, and soon he’ll also have some tasty treats as his reward for being patient.


4. Turn on some Doggie TV

If your pup doesn’t have a good window to watch things while you’re gone, you can turn on your TV to entertain him. There’s a special Dog TV channel nowadays on cable as well as you can put on YouTube channels for dogs. However, some dogs don’t find anything interesting about TV so figure out if your pup likes it before using this entertainment solution.

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5. Engage their brain with some puzzles

Doggie puzzle games typically have some treats hidden inside and the dog has to figure out how to get them out. One popular dog puzzle is Kong chew toys. There are several kinds and strengths of these based on your dog’s strength and tenacity. Find them at the pet store or buy them online.


6. Adopt a brand-new member of the family

A lot of pups are happier if they have a friend to share the day. It’s a huge responsibility to adopt another dog, but if you choose the right new friend for your pup, it could end up that they are best friends forever. If you decide to get another pup, be sure to:

  • Pick a pup that’s close to the same age as your dog, as well as has the same level of energy as your pup
  • Choose a dog that works well for both you and your other dog
  • Be sure to properly introduce the two dogs and make sure they are both well-trained prior to leaving them alone together.

The majority of pet adoption places allow you to let your dog come with you to see how he reacts to another dog prior to actually adopting a 2nd dog. If you’ve been thinking about getting another pup, perhaps now’s when you should begin to look for a new family member.


7. Volunteer to share doggie duties with the neighbors

Another thing you can do if you have the right work schedule is to share doggie duties with a neighbor that has a dog. This way you can have their dog over for a playdate with your pup when you’re not working and they can in turn have your dog go on a playdate at their home. That way he has another dog to play with and it helps them get more socialized and get more exercise too. The dogs could:

  • Be taken on walks together
  • Play games together
  • Do other supervised activities
  • Make sure they are fed and watered as needed

If taking a turn with the neighbor to watch their dog and vice versa work for you, it’s a great option. It helps your pup be more socialized and you get a chance to play with your neighbor’s dog on the day it’s your turn!


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