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7 Ways to Keep Your Makeup From Melting This Summer


You spend so much time to conceal your tough blemishes, evening out your natural skin tone, perfecting your makeup depending on your mood and season, and finish it up with a perfect lipstick or lip gloss. Then, to your utter dismay without any reason, all your makeup starts melting!

So, today we have compiled top makeup tips to help you in just these situations. So, the mission to smudge proof your makeup begins right here.


1. Put Your Antiperspirant At Night

If you want to smell really good the next day morning, apply your favorite antiperspirant the previous night before you get your beauty sleep. This gives the ingredients in the formula the time to start working before your day begins.


2. Bronzer

Dust off some bronzer or just some loose face powder with a big blush brush. Bronzer on the cheek apples, forehead, chin only and if you don’t want a bronzer, just to make the makeup stay longer, use the loose face powder to brush it off on your full face.

3. Lips

Now if your lipstick has the tendency to come off easily when the skin below your nose and over your upper lips sweat or your smack your lips too often, as you line your lips, don’t forget to even cover and fill in your total lips with the liner.Then apply lipstick and also gloss (optional). The lipstick may come off, but your liner won’t from your lips for at least 2-3 hours giving you’re the false lipstick effect.

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4. Finishing Spray

There is something called the finishing spray which is used by celebrity makeup artists who does the makeup for the red carpet. After all the makeup is done upto the foundation and concealer step before the blush or bronzer, lips, and shadow, this is finely spread to hold the makeup from getting down with perspiration especially the foundation because , it’s the first thing which comes off when you sweat or perspire, showing off all the blemishes and spots you were trying to hide. Now how cool is that?!

5. Stock Up On Oil Blotting Sheets

How much ever you try to control oil and sweat, I am sure there are days when you just can’t prevent the sweat bursting off your skin. That’s totally normal with most of us. But, I would say it is totally fine as long as you are prepared for it! Most people make a big mistake of layering compact powder over the sweat to control the oil and shine. But, this is the biggest makeup fail! Applying powder over sweat will crease and blotch your makeup, leaving the skin cakey. Instead, choose smarter options like oil absorbing blotting sheets in your arsenal. They are packed in a very thin and light form but work like magic! Blot your forehead, T-zone, and under eye area to instantly absorb shine and stay matte.


6. Never Forget Your Primer

Whether you are going for a subtle daytime look or an intense dramatic makeup look, wearing a primer underneath your makeup will provide you multiple benefits. Wearing face and eye primers are one of the top makeup tips to prevent your makeup from melting off your skin. Don’t worry as adding another layer to your skin is not counterproductive. Your primer will create an excellent base for the whole makeup to last long by locking it and preventing melting. It’s important to prime your T-zone if your sweat too often or your skin is excessively oily. Apply in a very good fashion, on your T-zone, besides your nose and on your chin the primer and this will help your foundation and concealer to stay on more hours. And the added benefit of applying primer is that it helps your next layer of BB or CC cream to glide on effortlessly. And you would also require only a small amount of the product. While choosing a primer during summers, it is best to pick a formula which doesn’t illuminate or make your skin too dewy. Choose something which gives a matte and natural finish.

7. Ice It

This trick is loved by many makeup and skin care experts. Grab a fresh ice cube and start gently slathering it on your entire face area, leaving the delicate under eye area. Gently massage the ice cube without putting too much pressure as the coldness of the ice cube might irritate the capillaries in the skin. So, remember to work with a light hand for good 2 seconds and then remove it. Then, take a clean towel, pat dry your skin, and then start applying your favorite makeup. This trick will cool down your skin, closing up your large pores and prevent your makeup melt less outside!


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