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7 Ways To Overcome Bad Mood Or Anger


You and others around you don’t have to put up with those foul moods; instead, you can do something about them. By following our top 7 tips to beat a bad mood, you will be able to deal with your bad mindset in a number different ways — so if one doesn’t work, another one will!


1. Think Happy Thoughts

If you can take yourself back to a time when you were happy, then this will instantly fill you with happy thoughts. If you need a prompt, why not dig out some old photographs of great times that you’ve had? Being in a bad mood is avoidable if you rid yourself or intruding bad thoughts and replace them with good ones. It really comes down to choice — choose to think of unhappy thoughts and you will be unhappy, and vice versa. People are only as happy as they allow themselves to be!


2. Make Contact With Positive People

The flipside of avoiding negative people is making contact with positive ones. There are some people out there who have a very positive influence on us. They are the sort you probably never argue with, or the type of people that have you cracking up with their sense of humor.

It may be that you’ve lost touch with them recently, so why not look them up and give yourself a boost. Don’t be waiting for them to make the first move — do it yourself. Surrounding yourself with positive people will have a positive effect on your mood.


3. Avoid People Who Put You In A Bad Mood

It might seem obvious, but there are people who just have an ability to put you in a bad mood. Okay, so some situations can’t be avoided — for example a work colleague or your boss. But there will be others in your social life who you can avoid. Some people can drain you and leave you in a bad mood. It’s best to avoid these people when you can or at least keep your contact with them to a minimum.


4. Take Time Out

Give yourself a chance to blank out all your negative thoughts by taking a few moments out and doing something different. For example, take half an hour out to have a soak in the tub — it can work wonders and help soothe both the body and mind. And why not get some candles out and have a glass of wine at the same time?

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If you’re in a bad mood, it’s sometimes good not to be around other people until you have got it out of your system. If you stay around people, you may cause a reduction which will, in turn, add to your bad mood.


5. Blasting Out Some ‘Positive’ Music

Everybody has some favourite tunes to listen to, from rousing classical music compositions to bouncing pop tunes. Listening to one of your favourite tracks — such as one that you associate with a happy time in your life — will help draw you out of your bad mood. And why not go one step further by belting out your favourite tune at the top of your voice? You could even do this if you feel yourself being drawn into a bad mood while stuck in traffic — as long as you don’t mind being a source of amusement to other motorists.


6. Eat Chocolate To Make You Feel Better

It’s amazing how many people instantly reach for their favourite chocolate for comfort if they are feeling low. It’s probably not a bad thing to do, though, as chocolate is known to be responsible for positive mood-lifting effects due to the release of serotonin, the brain’s natural pick-me-up. If you find that chocolate does the trick for you, then a little of it can be no bad thing. However, if you’re the sort who ends up with pang of guilt, then it’s best that you give it a miss.


7. Talk About What Has Put You In A Mood

If you are in a bad mood, then there’s obviously a reason for it. Pinpoint why you’re in a bad mood and, if you can, talk to a friend about it. Simply talking about your problem with someone will make you feel many times better. After all, what they say about ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ rings very true. But if you can’t talk to a friend, try going outside and letting out a mighty scream or having a good cry. Remember that bottling it all up will only darken your mood.


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