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7 Ways To Treat Yourself Without Going Broke


There are quite a few ways that you can increase your mood and feel like you did something nice for yourself without costing you anything.

Getting out and about in the sun, or doing the exact opposite and staying in your robe all day can feel just as good as buying something new. The next time you feel like treating yourself, give any of these 7 free things a try.


7. Do Something Creative

Do you love to paint? Or write? Whatever you like to do but don’t often “have time for” should become an activity you do when you need a reward. It can be really good to let loose and do something super creative.


6. Jam To Music

Put on some music and have a little jam session. There’s nothing like a little singing and dancing around your living room to make you feel better.


5. Eat Lunch Outside

Take advantage of that lunch hour! Soaking up the sun and eating outside either at a picnic table or on a blanket in the grass will help you forget about anything that’s going on at work, at least for a little while.


4. Bake A Sweet

Need a pick-me-up? A batch of cupcakes should do just the trick! Have some fun with the baking, decorating and eating process. Nom. Nom. I think I’ll make some right now. I deserve a little treat, don’t you, too?

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3. Read

Snuggling up with a blanket and a good book can be all of the reprieve you need from a stressful work week.


2. Pamper At Home

Painting your nails, doing a facial, or taking a bubble bath can be soothing and relaxing. And you deserve some R&R.


1. Exercise

Doing a little at home exercise video or getting outside and going for a jog can release endorphins and increase your mood. It’s a great way to be good to your body and yourself.

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