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8 Hair Mistakes Women Over 40 Make


As you get older, your skin isn’t the only thing that starts showing signs of aging—your hair does, too. Making sure you’re not doing anything that’s making matters worse. Here are 8 ways you might be hurting your hair. And for more hair mistakes to avoid, check out


1. You’re Using the Wrong Pillowcase

While cotton materials can suck the moisture out of your hair as you’re sleeping, leading to dry hair, switching to a silky option will keep that moisture locked in. (Goodbye frizz and hello shine!) You don’t even need real silk, either. You can also use a more inexpensive pillowcase made with bamboo (like this one), which works in the same way but is much more eco-friendly.

2. You’re Not Taking Your Vitamins

When you’re in perimenopause—which can start in your late 30s to early 40s—your hormones begin fluctuating, which can result in hair loss. To make sure that change doesn’t take a toll on your hair, you might want to start grabbing some vitamins. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the best way to improve your hair health is to take a mega-B vitamin, which includes 3 mg of biotin, 30 mg of zinc, 200 mg of vitamin C, and <1 mg of folic acid.

3. You’re Eating an Unhealthy and Acidic Diet

You might not think your diet has a whole lot to do with your hair, but what you’re putting—or not putting!—in your body plays a big role. “An unhealthy diet of processed foods and an excess of sugar can create an acidic environment in the body,” Durante says. “When the body isn’t in an alkaline state, it can contribute to hair thinning, hair loss, and other significant health problems, such as thyroid disease and arteriosclerosis.”

4. You’re Drying Your Hair with a Towel

Well, using a blow dryer is damaging—so what’s the problem with grabbing a towel? There might not seem like there’s too much harm in rubbing your wet hair with a towel, but that can result in breakage and frizz—two things that already occur more often with age. Instead, experts recommend using a much more gentle option: an old t-shirt, which absorbs the bulk of the water so you can let your hair air-dry.

5. You’re Using Too Much Hairspray

You’ve probably been using hairspray for years without a problem. Now—with hair that’s already getting drier with age—using the product can really start to cause damage. Because most options contain alcohol, spraying it all over day after day to lock in your style could make your hair look dull, as well as make it more prone to breakage and split ends.

6. You’re Not Using Hair Oils

Because your hair might be a little more dry than it used to be, now’s the time to start taking advantage of oils. It only takes a drop or two to get that moisturized, shiny feel once again. And one of the best options? Argan oil, which can be worked into either damp or dry hair. Just be sure to avoid your roots, or you’ll look a little greasy.

7. Your Hair Dye Is Causing Harm

As you age, more and more gray hairs start to make an appearance, leading you to reach for the dye. Unfortunately, by trying to fix the problem, you could be making matters worse. “Hair dyes—especially permanent—can contain toxins that are harmful to hair follicles and the scalp,” Durante says. “The toxins can cause intense inflammatory reactions to the scalp, which can seriously damage the hair follicle, causing hair breakage, hair thinning, and hair loss.”

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8. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Just like the rest of your body regenerates in your sleep, the same goes for your hair. So if you’re not getting a lot of it, it can start to show. According to the Alaska Sleep Clinic, that lack of sleep can stress out your body, and high levels of stress can cause hair loss. In fact, if you disrupt your internal clock, you could disrupt your hair growth cycle, too. And if you’re still not convinced you need more sleep, This Is What Getting Too Little Sleep Does to Your Brain.


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