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8 Signs That Your Cat Is Bored


Boredom. Everyone gets bored and that does not mean only humans! Our cat might not be able to tell us straight out they are bored, but it does indeed happen. That’s why it’s vita to pay attention to these revealing signs your cat’s bored.

This is mostly true for cats that stay indoors all the time and never go outdoors at all. Keeping a cat inside all the time is lots safer, however, it’s vital to watch out for your cat’s mental health and keep them from getting bored. Fortunately, with suitable stimulation plus lots of additional TLC, it’s simple to make your cat happy and not bored.

Here are 8 warning signs to watch for:

8. Your cat totally loves eating

Is your cat forever hanging around their food bowl and seems attached to eating all day long? If so, that’s a good indication they are super bored. If your cat eats all the time just to pass time, then they are going to get overweight without an appropriate exercise routine.


7. Or… does your cat ignore their food?

The opposite of your cat eating too much is to show they are bored by ignoring their food completely. Clearly, that’s not good either and could be harmful to your cat’s health. Try changing their food somewhat or providing some tasty wet food, which is really healthier for your cat truthfully.


6. Your cat sleeps all day long

Cats are infamous for their love of sleeping and those cute cat naps. However, if your cat seems like they are super fatigued, to the point of being nearly lethargic or they are sleeping all the time, it’s a clear indication something is wrong. Attempt to interact with your pet ore often, and incorporate more playtime to get their up and about and more interested. Plus, you could always try some catnip to get your cat all excited. Inside cats do sleep more so than outside cats, however, they shouldn’t be snoozing all day. Even though kittens are normally more up for a play session than an adult cat, older animals will still enjoy a play session no matter how old they are.


5. Extreme Grooming/Rapid Loss of Hair

Clearly your cat is going to groom themselves regularly and that is totally normal. However, if suddenly your pet is grooming themselves excessively and more than usual, as well as suddenly shedding a lot more than before, they could be bored. Some cats develop nervous habits to cope with being bored. This also is alarming because it shows their boredom is leaning towards them being depressed or anxious.

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4. Destructive Conduct

Likely you’ll have to figure this one out for yourself. No cat owner can be home 24/7, you have to determine if you are gone too much and leaving your cat all alone with no interaction. Cats might seem like they like to be alone just by their nature, particularly a few breeds, however, cats still need to have some sort of social contact with their people. If you see that your cat has become extremely bored because they are often left all alone with nothing to do, they could end up getting into some sort of destructive conduct to soothe themselves. This should show you your cat requires you to pay more attention to them and be around them more. Sadly, your cat can get depressed just like a person can, and if they are excessively bored they could end up suffering from severe depression if you don’t fix the problem.


3. Scratching Like Mad

This problem is just as bad as the previous destructive conduct. A few cats will do this in order for you to pay attention to them. If it’s not possible to get a new work schedule, think about adopting another cat to keep your pet happy so they don’t have to pace around the house and be bored when you are at work.


2. Unexplainable Loss or Gaining of Weight

If a cat suddenly changes their pattern of eating, it’s likely going to make them either gain or lose too much weight. An older pet usually gains weight a lot easier, plus these senior cats could have an appetite change and they require owners to pay a little more attention and give them more TLC to provide for their daily needs.


1. Oh No! Your cat is missing the litter box

Some cats that don’t get enough human interaction and attention resort to bad habits like missing the litter box. They get to thinking that even bad attention is better than no attention. Plus, your pet could be very frustrated and decide to stay away from you because they feel they are being neglected. Pets, particularly our beloved feline buddies, have needs and emotions just like people and they can get their feelings quite hurt if they begin to think their beloved owner is totally ignoring them.


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