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8 Tips for Hiking and Camping with Dogs


Many people love to go camping with their dogs because they love the outdoors and going on an adventure with their adored pets. There are even social media sites dedicated to pictures of dogs going on adventures with owners. These connect folks worldwide via a shared love of dogs and the outdoors. And some of those sites have offered up some of the top pro tips for hiking and camping with your dog.


Pro tips for hiking and camping with your dog

1. Check out the rules for the campgrounds and trails where you plan to go beforehand

A few of these might not let dogs in or have some sort of restrictions. You need to always keep your dog on a leash close to you as other campers might not wish to interact with a dog. Plus being on a leash can additionally protect your pet from local wildlife which could try to attack your dog, as well as protect your dog from getting into any type of poisonous plant.


2. Bring a lot of water

It might appear to be common sense, however, be sure your dog drinks enough water. It is very vital! Bring sufficient water, especially if you don’t know if there’s a safe water source where you are going. Be sure they do not drink any saltwater or drink from a puddle of some wort. And it is the same when it comes to food. Be sure to bring enough for you and your dog. A handy way to do so is by bringing one of those special collapsible bowls.


3. Keep dogs on a leash

Even though it’s great to not feel your dog tugging on his leash if you are hiking, there are several other clear reasons your dog needs to be leashed. Firstly, not all people like dogs. Some are even frightened by them. Not putting your dog on a leash might cause other people hiking to be concerned. Next, your dog could end up being chased or hurt by local wildlife such as a bear or make them angry. There are lots of other reasons, like dogs who over zealous when it comes to greeting people, so please keep your dog on a leash.


4. Safeguard their paws

A dog’s paws should be protected from both snow and hot ground. Some folks put special doggie booties on their dogs that cool their paws when the ground or pavement would otherwise burn them in the summer. When it’s winter, there is a product called Musher’s Secret, which is a kind of wax you spread right on the pup’s paws and it keeps the fur from balling up when they walk in snow. Sometimes doggies booties can fall off, so this wax is a good thing to use in winter.

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5. Pack tents that have adequate space for everything

Buy a tent that has two entrances, as well as vestibules. With a small tent, you could place your gear and supplies beneath one of the vestibules, as well as place a pad down in the other one for your dog so he has a place to sleep. When it’s cold, it’s best to keep your dog inside the tent, however, when it’s hot having the vestibules provides you with extra space.


6. Do not let the rain diminish your outside plans

You can use a tent as a comfy, dry location for hanging out with your dog outside. Another big advantage of being outdoors while it’s raining is likely nobody else gets the advantage of your day. You can find somewhere like an empty beach to relax, eat some lunch, play games and stay warm and cozy in the tent. When the rain stops, you and your dog can go out and the dog can have some freedom if no one’s around they could bother. That makes it a great day for everyone despite the rain.


7. Bring a comb or brush

You should always bring a brush or a comb, especially if you are going out into areas like the desert where the dog could encounter a cactus. Then they would get the spines from it into their fur and you’ll need to brush them out. Or if you are in the woods, they could get burrs or other things in their fur and likewise, you have to brush it out.


8. Bring some toys

Pack a few toys your dog loves. That should assist in easing any anxious moments your dog could have, as well as assist him in being more comfy while you both are out and about.


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