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8 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool on a Hot Summer Day


“Woe, the summer can get really hot outside!” you complain to your buddy as you’re sitting by the pool drinking some cold beverage and your pup is staring pleadingly in your direction. Of course your pup is suffering too, take a look at all that fur! How can you keep your buddy cool and make sure he doesn’t get heatstroke?


1. Locate a shady area

What’s the best way to cool off your dog’s personal area? I suggest you use an outdoor thermometer and test the shady areas in your yard to find the best, coolest area. Even if you don’t have any big trees, you could put up some sort of canvas canopy on your patio for him! Or buy one of those collapsible shade tents at your home and garden store. These are great and are easy to put up and put away as needed.


2. Go swimming, but watch out for any problems

If you own a pool or live near a nice lake, you might decide to go swimming with your pup. That likely sounds like a great idea on a hot summer’s afternoon, but watch out. If your pup is so hot he’s near to suffering from heatstroke, jumping in that water could make him worse off. If you lower his temperature too fast, it actually causes a dog’s internal organs to heat up more so they’re whole body core gets more overheated.

Instead, you need to know that your pup’s feet helps regulate his body temperature,  so make sure he goes into the water in a slow manner. It’s best for your dog to only put his feet in the cool water at first, then monitor his temperature using a thermometer until his rectal temperature is around 103, then you can stop the aggressive cooling off process.

You can also use a kiddy pool and let your pup cool off in some cool water on the patio while you sip your cold beverage. As stated before, a dog’s food pads help to distribute the heat in their bodies, and it’s also an area of the body where dogs sweat.



3. Generate a breeze

Breezes can help you and your pup tolerate that summer heat. All you need to do is put a fan on your patio to make a nice breeze to cool off with. A breeze from a fan or Mother Nature is quite helpful and it cools you and your pup off via evaporation. Regrettably, because your pup doesn’t sweat very much, you might need to simulate the evaporation.

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4. Try using mist

Definitely wetting your pup down with a hose helps to cool him off, however it uses up a bunch of water. Plus a few pups are scared of hoses or you might hurt them if the water is under too much pressure. As an alternative, you could try a mist making attachment for your hose. These put out a very fine cooling mist and cover an area of several square feet. Plus they don’t cost a lot either. You can likely find one at the home and garden stores in your area. Or, look for another great product that can cool down you and your dog. It’s a special kind of sprayer with a fan attached, usually in about a one quart size. They also spray a mist of water to cool you off.


5. Get a wet towel or blanket

Another great idea is to get a wet towel or blanket and put it in the freezer. Once it has gotten frozen, it can be used to cool off your dog. You could also use something like a bag of frozen veggies. Just place it on your dog’s head, groin or neck as that’s where there are a lot of large blood vessels.


6. Put ice in their water

Hot days call for cool drinks. Your pup feels the same way. They should have access to cool water at all times. Be sure they have plenty of fresh drinking water and put some ice in it to make it cool for them.


7. Make a few icicles and popsicles

I have found that dogs love popsicles or even frozen juice bars. You can even make him some beef flavored popsicles by freezing some broth. You may think that sounds gross, but I bet your pup will like it!


8. Always keep some water with you

Be certain every time you leave the house that you bring water for your pup. You can freeze some bottled water and keep it cold using an insulated container.


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