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9 Things You Should Know Before Leaving Your Cat Home Alone


Most people believe cats enjoy living alone as well as like their own company because they stay off to themselves a lot. Regrettably, that’s not correct. Really pet cats enjoy being around folks, their owners obviously, to the degree they will note you’re not at home if you are gone. That means people must reexamine leaving cats by themselves for several days.

While you might not remain with your pet cat all day long because you must work or go to other places, you must know a few facts prior to letting them stay home by themselves for a day or longer. The following are a few things folks must understand prior to leaving cats by themselves for a few days.


1- Reevaluate the idea of using a boarding service

Using a boarding service for your cat could be the primary thing thought of if you realize you must be gone for several days. However, you might want to reevaluate that idea. That’s due to the fact a cat is a very territorial animal. If you talk them someplace like that and they are able to feel, hear, or see other pets, they will just feel endangered. So undoubtedly they won’t do very well in that kind of facility.


2- Scoop out their litter boxes

You must scoop out their litterboxes prior to going anywhere since cats like them to be clean at all times.  Scooping and cleaning litter boxes on a regular basis is something done for everyone’s good, both you and the cats. If you neglect to clean it the cat could refuse to use it as their way of telling you it’s dirty. Therefore, think about how bad your house would look if the cat was alone for as long as a week.

3- Provide stimulation for the cats

Cats require some sort of stimulation while you are gone. Therefore, you should leave them some sort of entertainment so they stay busy. There’s a few easy methods of creating things for your cat which are entertaining and fun. For example, you can construct a puzzle feeder, leave some opened up bags for the cat to play in, provide safe toys, etc. so the cat has a few things to do when he’s not asleep.


4- Cats additionally can get lonely

Your cat may be used to you being gone at work, but if you’re gone a day or more they might become very lonely. That’s dangerous as they could end up developing a negative attitude. For example, they could start not using their litter boxes or having eating disorders. If a cat gets one of those, it could mean they are having a hard time being alone.

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5- Managing a cat’s anxiety issues

Your cat may end up with an anxiety issue due to being home by itself. Even if they are not left for days at a time, this could happen. If you see your cat gets upset when you go somewhere, that means you need to provide the reassurance. Provide things to aid in reducing their stress and helping them stay calm. For example, you could leave the TV or radio on to provide background noise.


6- Cats know when you’re gone

Even cats that aren’t overly friendly know when you are gone and feel differently. You can see it in a cat’s expression once you return. Therefore, they do miss their owners if you are not there for several days.


7-Get a second cat

If you’re gone a lot, and your cat must be by itself, or you don’t have enough energy or time to do a lot of interacting with them, think about getting them a cat buddy. That’s great for your cat. Particularly, because they have a friend to be with if you are not there. Of course, you need to treat the additional cat just like the other one since they are still your pet and aren’t there just for the benefit of the other cat.

8- Adhere To a Routine

Your cat is a creature of habit. Cats are creatures of habit. You should bring in someone to take care of them if you must be gone a few days. They can feed, water, clean the litterbox and play with your cat. If this person does all that on a regular basis they may not even take note of your absence. If all these are done regularly, the cat might not even notice you are gone. Plus, if they are there to take care of everything, you also won’t have to worry about possible emergencies or accidents or illnesses.


9- Make Sure There’s a routine feeding schedule

It is not merely about the kind of food your cat eats. It also concerns the timing of that food. You need to have someone come in to regularly feed your cat if you plan to be gone a few days. That helps in lessening the cat’s stress if their normal feeding routine is kept up.

As long as you do these things listed above prior to going somewhere, you can be assured your pets will be doing ok while you are not there.


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