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9 Ways To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth Without Making Them Hate You


There’s no such thing as dentures for dogs, so it’s vital to make sure your dog’s teeth and gums stay healthy and clean. Of course, the top method of cleaning them is for your veterinarian to do it while the pup is knocked out. But that is pricy and has certain risks since they must be knocked out. It is better for you to do what you are able so your pup’s teeth remain clean.

Brushing your pup’s teeth daily with doggie safe toothpaste is the top method of cleaning their teeth. However, there’s a lot of pups that hate this and will run away if they see you pick up the brush. Fortunately, there are additional options your pup may actually like. Here’s nine methods of cleaning your pup’s teeth without causing them to hate you.


#1 – Organic dental sprays 

Can your pup remain still so you could hold open their lips on both sides of their mouth? If so, you can try some organic dental sprays for dogs. A lot of these sprays assist in reducing and preventing plaque as well as tartar getting built up on their teeth. It also helps to control those icky bacteria which makes them get bad breath. This works so long as it’s sprayed right onto their teeth. Plus, it even makes your dog’s breath smell minty and fresh…


#2 – Eat a Healthy/natural diet

The companies which make dog food tell us dry dog food is best for our pup’s teeth. But if you think all you need to do to make sure your pup’s teeth are clean is to feed them dry food, that’s like you eating crackers to make sure yours are clean! Eating a fresh food diet that has healthy components tends to assist in improving your pup’s good health, wellbeing, and of course, promotes good healthy teeth.


#3 – Dental chewy toys

Many dog toys are out there created to get your pup to chew on them. If you get him a dental chewy toy that has a lot of texture variation, these will assist in scraping plaque from their teeth, and they get to relax as they have fun chewing, just like their primal instincts tell them to do. Your pup ought to be watched though when they play with chewy toys so they won’t break off pieces and swallow one that’s too big.


#4 – Raw bones

Cooked bones could splinter, which causes a lot of issues for dogs, but a raw bone is a great method of helping to keep your dog’s teeth clean, plus it also satisfies their chewing instinct. Know, however, that you should pick one of the right sizes for your pup. For instance, a large dog might choke on a small bone like from a chicken, while a toy sized pup sure as heck couldn’t manage to chew something like a cow leg bone.

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#5 – Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is sometimes called a natural toothpaste. It has antimicrobial properties that serve to assist in good dental health, and most dogs love the taste too.

Here is a great tip about it: Get a carrot or other veggie that’s healthy and ok for dogs to eat. Then stab some holes into it, and pour in a bit of coconut oil. Put it into the freezer for a little while, then offer it to your dog. Yes, it will be pretty messy, however, your pup will love chewing on it and it will help to clean their teeth safely and effectively.


#6 – Teeth wipes

Does your pup let you put your fingers into his mouth? If he hates toothbrushes, then try some teeth wipes. These let you clean off their teeth and get rid of tartar, plaque, and even those nasty bacteria that cause bad breath. And you merely have to rub the wipe onto their gums and teeth.


#7 – Bully Sticks

At times you’ll want your dogs to have an item which lasts a while, but tastes good and isn’t so messy like a raw bone or that oil covered carrot. Try some bully sticks! Dogs love them and they’ll keep them happy as well as satisfy that chewing instinct. It helps to scrape off the plaque and tartar. That is so cool! But watch out, as a few pups might swallow a big piece and choke. Additionally, do not feed a lot of them to your pup because they have a lot of calories.


#8 – Things you add to their water

There’s also a lot of good products you add to your pup’s water. You merely need to put some of it into their water dish. A few pups hate the smell or flavor though. But if your pup will drink it, it’s a great and simple way to get good dental health.


#9 – Elk and Deer Antlers

Elk and deer antlers are another thing a lot of dogs love. They chew them and as the antlers are chipped away, it rubs off the plaque and tartar from the dog’s teeth and gums. And as a bonus, one of these usually will last several days, sometimes several weeks.


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