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9 Ways To Make Your Cat’s Life Amazing


Let us deal with it, every one of us likes to give our cats treats all the time, especially when they are older.  Be it a kitten, a young cat or an older cat, it is a good thing to know that the cat is happy with its life.


9). Give the cat the best diet

Cats do have various dietary needs at different phases of their life span. Most cat foods that are pre-prepared come with labels with the state the proper age grade of cats in which the food is suitable, so you should ensure that you get the proper cat food for your pet.

Nice food with good quality is made with the proper mixture of calories, vitamins, and minerals at every stage of their lives. When you give your baby cat the properly balanced diet suitable for its stage of development, you are doing the most you can to sustain its health throughout its life span.


8). Raise Its Food Bowl

An elevated food bowl ensures that the cat eats the food without having to crouch. A lot of cats have a preference for elevated food bowls, especially the older ones which may have problems with crouching due to their age. You can have the cat’s normal food bowl placed on a higher surface from the ground or you can purchase a personalized bowl for the cat.

If you do really need one, then I know of one that you can buy, and the price is unbelievable – I wish that I had purchased this one. It is sold also with a bowl that is shallow. This shallow bowl is meant for cats that have the ailment known as whisker fatigue. Don’t go laughing! This is a real ailment that afflicts some cats.

A cat with this condition, typically hates it, each time the sensitive part of its whiskers touch the sides of the dish bowls.  If the cat you have frequently takes out the food away from the dish bowl so as to eat it right off the floor, then it is probably doing this due to whisker fatigue.


7). Keep it warm during winter

Cats love heat, even the ones that seem to have the fluffiest and the longest coat furs. They know the places with hot pipes of water run, love sleeping with the fire in front of them as well as lie down near any source of heat they can approach when it is chilly during the day. It is not economical for us to leave our heaters all day, unluckily, therefore how do we make sure that we prevent the cat from feeling miserable and cold through out the day, especially in its advanced age?

There are several heat pads with low-energy that are available in the market which can be placed inside your cat’s most loved bed. Or there is an amazing solution I found for this: the Thermo-kitty Heated cat Bed. It is controlled with a thermostat and is activated by the cat’s presence, any time the temperature of the room is considerably low. There is no other better device for this!


6). Provide An Accessible Litter Box

There are numerous kinds of the litter box that can be purchased which include open, self-cleaning, lidded, low-sided, and tall. Some cats have a preference for trays with open top and some prefer the trays that come with lids. Luckily, if you do get the tray that has a lid, and your pet cat decides not to eat with it, you are able to remove the lid and safely keep it in a spot.

As the pet cats advance in age, they may find stepping right above a rim that is high, a problem, so at that you could seize the opportunity to buy a tray that has an entrance that is lower (check out this perfect example0. Also, it might be a perfect idea, to have several trays placed at strategic locations, so that there is always an accessible litter box around.

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You don’t like seeing litter boxes around the house? Then this one that is hidden is the best for you.


5). Help It Keep Its Claws Healthy

A lot of cats are attracted to scratching at things around the house – typically that you know should not be scratched at all. You should get various scratching pads and posts to protect the furniture in your house. It is really vital that the pet cats are permitted to scratch off their claws somewhere, so as to shed the external part that protects their claws and also as a form of physical exercise.

As they get older, they might be unable to properly pull in their claws. So you should consider trimming the claws to avoid them from ripping on your clothes and furniture.


4). Help It To Manage Its Coat

All cats can use some help when it comes to grooming, especially for pet cats that have long hair. If they are properly groomed, then shedding all around the house will be avoided. You should commence a routine for grooming, once you take possession of the cat, and maintain the grooming routine, especially with the older cats.

By taking out as much loose hair as possible, you will ensure that the cat doesn’t swallow a lot of fur and then developing balls of fur inside its stomach. This prevents the occurrence of you cleaning from the floor, a vomit laced with hair. You will also inhibit bad, sore knots as well as mats from forming. You should purchase some really nice brushes to carry out the task.


3). A place to hide

You should make several places for hiding around the house for the cat, anytime it feels like hiding. The spaces can be created right under the bed (with the use of storage boxes to create walls), inside cardboard boxes that are empty or gaps found behind chairs. They cost nothing and are very much loved by cats.


2). Provide a safe space outside for the cat.

If your cat is permitted to go outdoors then it is a lucky cat. Going outdoors is a no-go area for most cats these days. You should ensure that your garden is cat-proofed to stop them from escaping or you construct a stockade in which the cat can get into from the window of the house, or through an access tunnel, or through a flap. Numerous runs bought in shops are not sufficiently large enough for bigger cats.

So it is advisable to get one that is made especially for the cat. You should ensure that it has lots of shade in it as well as fun stuff to entertain the cat. If your cat has the freedom to roam about and loves staying outdoors, then may I recommend the Kitty Tube Generation 3. It is properly insulated and also watertight.


1). Give It Plenty of Attention

A lot of cats crave attention and company, so you should ensure that you always make out the time to spend with your cat, especially in the case that you have been out for a long time.  As opposed to conventional thinking that cats like human companies and hate being all alone therefore may be depressed. Fussing over your cat, permitting its company, and having time to play with it are vital techniques to ensure that it stays mentally healthy.


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