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9 Ways to Stop a Cat from Biting


Are you thinking about how your cat or kitten can stop biting but just don’t know how? Below are some tips that can help you solve such a problem today.


9.Avoid using your hand as a toy

Sometimes cats can get overexcited. Never use your hand in place of toys while trying to play with your cat. Instead, a toy should be used to ensure your hand is far away from its mouth.


8.Knowing the reason

This is the first solution to such a problem. It is crucial you find out why your kitten bites. For instance, it could be that such a cat is being overzealous, frustrated or bored. It could even be that you can’t hear when he seems to be asking you stop something. Planning is the next stage once you’ve found the particular reason for his biting.


7.Stopping the play

In case your cat is always trying to go after you repeatedly as you play with it, such exercise should be stopped immediately. In other words, such play should be brought to an end instantly to avoid any form of biting. Stop for about 60 seconds and the message will be very clear to such a cat.


6.Time-out should be used

In case the above didn’t work, changing scenery will help to send a message that is much stronger to your cat. Once he bites you, the play should be stopped. Now get him picked up and taken to another room after which you will then walk away. Through this, your cat will know that fun times are going to be ended anytime he bites.


5.Tiring him out

Biting can be due to your cat having too much energy. In this case, play with such cat until it becomes very tired. The option of laser pointing will be perfect in case his response to other toys isn’t good enough.

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4.Relieving his anxiety

There are times cats can bite due to the transfer of aggression. In this case, anything or a person close to them can be bitten. This is a typical example of unprovoked and vicious attacks. This usually happens when your cat isn’t feeling secure. It only wants to get rid of anxious feelings.


3.Speaking to a vet

In order to calm the nerves of your cat, it is important to discuss with your vet. Such a professional can have some medications to help the cat feel much better. There are foods that have been manufactured to help cats feel relaxed. These can help in fighting against feelings of anxiety in a cat.


2.Proper handling

Avoiding reaching over a cat for the purpose of petting it. This is because such an approach doesn’t work with all cats. If you want to pet your cat, approach her face using your hand (back of it). Avoid touching his body or top of his head.


1.Building his trust

Try to understand those times when your cat would want to have some space (privacy). For a start, you can look out for its huge pupils and whipping tail. The biting will likely reduce once he understands that you trust him enough to make him have some time alone. You can allow such a cat to stay alone for about 30-60 minutes.


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