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How Often Should I Feed My Cat?


There are many perspectives about how frequently you should give food to your cat. Certain people like their cats to feed freely, whereas other people have a healthy attitude in picking up their cat’s food between meals. While various other people prefer a somewhat hybrid approach. The following considerations are essential to remember in deciding the regularity that you could feed your cat.


You should think about the age of the cat

Kittens should be fed more often than mature cats. This implies that in a situation when you are in the house for the whole day, the kitten can be fed about three times or four times in a day, moving gradually to either just once or about two times a day when she eventually becomes one year old. If you are busy with work during the daytime, then the free-feeding method, in which you keep food for your cat the whole day to eat anytime it likes, will make the cat eat several times per day. Older cats do not need to take small meals ever so frequently. Therefore while they can still be free-fed, the typical mealtime option will become useful if the cat is fed either just once or two times per day.


Think about how active your cat is

For an average cat with a tendency to lie on the couch sleeping for the best part of the day, if you free freed them, they could be eating just because they are bored rather than because they are hungry. If combined with a lifestyle of inactivity, the cats can quickly become obese or instead become overweight. For the active cat, this will not be any problem. Puzzle toys that make your cat work for the food before they eat will let the cat eat regularly after they may have done some slight work in trying to get the food.

Cats that have too much weight will have to go through a dieting plan; in which case, the vet could advise you on limiting the quantity of food being fed to the cat. Enquire from the vet whether the cat’s diet should be proportioned to two feedings or more. Whether the cat should be given food in a single occasion, or if your cat should be allowed to feed anytime it wants to feed.

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Think bout the food type that you are giving your cat

While dry food for the cat can be left all day outdoors (changing up the food once in 24 hours to prevent the food from going stale), this cannot be done with food, which is wet. Canned food could make insects come together and could become slightly stale if it is left outside for the whole day.

Anyone of the canned food or the fresh food which the cat is fed with should be taken right after mealtime. This can be refrigerated, or it can be thrown away and replaced with fresh food at a later time. (Do not refrigerate the food which your cat has consumed for longer than it could take to the next time of the cat’s meal; if the cat refuses to eat the food subsequently toss it away.)


Consider the number of cats present in your home

If you leave, say, a cup containing food for your only cat in the morning, at the day’s ending, you will know whether the cat has consumed the food. If there are several cats in your home, then there is no way of determining which one of the cats have eaten the food. A delay may result from this if one of the cats get a stomach upset or is not eating at all. Since cats frequently conceal all indicators of illness, being aware if your cat is consuming its food every day, gives you an idea every day about the health of the cat. If there are several cats in your home, you should think about letting them have their meals (at different places) this way you will be able to know which cat is eating and which cat isn’t eating.

The question involving the frequency that you should feed your cat can be answered most excellently if you contact your veterinarian. When you have an overweight cat, your vet could suggest mealtime feeding only. Contrarily, cats that have health problems or are selective with the food that they eat could perform better if they are exposed to food throughout the day. Consult your veterinarian to determine the right feeding pattern for your cat.


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