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How to Clean Dog Ears


One part of dog grooming that you should never ignore is cleaning the ears of your dog. If you regularly take your dog to a professional dog groomer, it is highly probable that they can clean up the dog’s ears while there; however, you should also check with the dog groomer to confirm this. If you do not regularly clean up the dog’s ears, you would typically have oil and wax build-up inside the ears of the dog. This escalates the dangers of your dog having hearing damage and ear infection. Taking this into perspective, pet owners must understand the proper method of cleaning your dog’s ears.


What are the best supplies that I can use to clean the ears of my dogs?

To properly clean up your dog’s ears, you will have to put together the right cleaning supplies. You would need the following things:

  • Ear cleanser: You should try to find a commercially available cleaning solution that has been recommended by your veterinarian. It would be best if you did not use cleaners which has hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. They can irritate the sensitive parts of your dog’s ears, as warned by The Spruce Pets. When unsure whether you can use something on your pet dog, you should ask the dog groomer or the vet for the proper cleaning solution.
  • Cotton balls or cotton pads: You could also use cotton swabs to clean out the outer ear’s ridges; however, you should avoid inserting this into the canal of the ear. This action can lead to permanent hearing damages in dogs.
  • Tweezers: Tweezers will come in handy for those whose dogs have lots of hair around their ear areas.
  • A towel: You need a towel to clean out possible messes from the washing procedure, significantly if you regularly shakes its head to get rid of things inside his ears.
  • Treats: Treats will come in handy too because you may want to reward the dog after the entire cleaning exercise.


The best way to clean out your dog’s ears.

One good thing to do before starting your cleaning routine is to inspect the ears of your dog. You should immediately call your vet doctor if you see some sure signs while cleaning out your dog’s ears. Such signs include inflamed or red hair, bad-smelling ears, or the dog shows signs of itchiness. The dog could be suffering from an infection. Or they could be infested with ear mites. The good thing here is either of these conditions can be treated. Those whose dogs have lots of hair can get a tweezer to clear out the hair located in the ear canal. The moment that you clean out the dog’s ears and things get back to normal, you should read the instructions written on the dog ear cleanser. Additionally, this stage-by-stage process will teach you the right way to clean out the dog’s ears:

1). Once you get the dog to become seated, reward the dog using a treat while allowing the dog to observe the ear cleaner’s bottle.

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2). Those whose dogs do not have erect ears, hold up the ear flap and fill up the canals of the ears using the cleaning solution.

3). Stopping any obstruction by the ear flap, gradually massage the ear base for twenty seconds with just your fingers.

4). Let the ear go. You can also let the dog shake its head if it wants to. It would be best if you covered up its head with the towel to stop the solution flying all over the place.

5). Get a cotton pad or cotton ball tied around the index finger to gradually wipe out the dog’s ear canal’s exposed areas. Also, do this for the outer ear. It would be best if you only used a cotton swab. You should also ensure that you only do this on the exposed parts of the dog’s ear.

6). Give the dog one more treat. Do this when you work on the other ear of the dog.


Important tips to simplify the entire process.

Whereas it can be pretty simple to follow these steps to help clean your dog’s ears, there is also other available information to make things easier for you and the dog.

To avoid getting the whole place soaked with water, let the dog be within a confined area. Put the dog inside the tub or have him stay outside. Put on old clothes that will not be ruined by the cleaning solution.

Furthermore, be generous when you use the cleaning solution. There is more dirt present in the ears of the dog than what is visible. You can help clean up the whole ear if you fill-up the whole ear canal with the solution. The dog will shake its head to wipe out any excess solution. When you finish the cleaning process, and the ear still looks dirty, you should repeat the whole process. It is recommended that you stop cleaning once you notice any bleeding or redness, or if the dog indicates any sign of discomfort.

Some types of dogs, particularly those whose ears are short without too much hair, could only require that their ears cleaned out a few times as it gets dirty. Dogs that floppy ears and too much hair within the ears would typically get a much harder inspection and cleansing a minimum of once in two weeks.

One fundamental aspect of adequately grooming your pet dog is knowing the right way to clean out the dog’s ears. Ensure that you regularly do this. This will protect the dog’s hearing capacity and make sure that the dog’s ear stays healthy throughout the life of the dog.

Once more – you should please pay your vet a visit. If you do not currently have a trusty vet of our own, do not worry. We have the tool to help you find a reliable one.


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