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How to give your cat a massage in 8 easy steps


As humans, the benefits of obtaining a body massage are well known. Massage can help the body relax and can assist in lowering the blood pressure, improve blood circulation, make sure joints less painful, and many more benefits.

However, it just happens that these benefits are amazing to cats as well.

The following are the basic stages involved in giving your cat that needed massage.


1.Ensure that you are mentally prepared for the massage first.

Nobody will want you to transfer the frustrations of a bad day on them, this applies to your cat too. Even though you may not know it, if you massage your cat while anxious and stressed out, it could end up as white-knuckled arm rubs for the cat. Before you start massaging the cat, you should calm yourself down by taking several calming breaths.

Cats are essentially perceptive animals, so if you decide to give the cat a nice relaxing body massage when you are all anxious, it will not appear to the cat like you are actually trying to help it relax.

2.Before starting the massage, talk to the cat

Right before any form of massage is started, you should try talking to the cat in a soothing calm voice. You can permit yourself to fully go crazy and sing amazingly to them, you could use a soothing baby voice or alternatively any type of oral interaction that can put the cat at ease.


3.Begin with the most enjoyable areas for your cat

If the cat actually likes some scratching under its chin, you should begin from there to let the cat know that it is going to enjoy the massaging motions.

However, you should avoid petting anywhere on the head or face, if the cat really doesn’t like that. The cat could take that as some form of a threat and will not be relaxed by it.

You should gradually introduce your hand touch to the cat’s most liked location, this will make your cat relax more and this will be confirmed with the slow blinking if the eye, closing of the eyes eventually, and lots of purring.

This should be taken as signs to start the full cat body massage.

4. Use Slow, Lightly Pressured Strokes Down Your Cat’s Back

As soon as the cat had enjoyed several amounts of petting, you should begin the full cat body massage with light but slow pressured hand strokes down the back of the cat, beginning from the neck towards its tail end.

Whereas you may want to just rush this part, make use of slow, intentional massaging motions, to allow the cat to fully benefit from the body massage. You could make use of either the pointer finger or your thumbs together with the middle finger so as to apply these massaging strokes down the back of the cat. This can be done between six and ten times, depending on the feelings of the cat.

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5.Move to the shoulders by using circular, slow motions.

As soon as you have spent enough time massaging the cat’s back, you can progress to the shoulder of the cat. Once again making use of either the thumbs or your two fingers at the same time, create slow but pretty lightly pressured circular movement around the cat’s shoulder blades.

This can be done for a minimum of ten times. You can actually do it for a longer time period of your cat finds it essentially enjoyable.


6.Be creative around the ear and chin areas of the cat

A lot of cats pretty much like being rubbed around the chin and ears. If your cat favors this, you should try massaging these lovable spots again and be generous with the massaging.

At this time, the cat could be very relaxed while purring heavily through your hands. Then again, if not purring it is possible that the cat could be slobbering slightly.

All these are indicators that mean that you have been giving the cat a good massage.

7. Cup The Chest And Massage

At this time, if the cat isn’t overly sensitive in the chest area, you could use one of your hands and gradually cup the chest of the cat with this hand.

Make use of the pads of your fingers to soothingly massage the cat in the chest by using little circular motions. You could also pull the fingers close together around the chest center by using slight pressure and get this process repeated.


8.Finish with paws

Several cats do not really care if their paws get touched, other cats hate this. If your pet cat appears sufficiently relaxed, use your thumb to rub the middle pad of every one of the cat’s paws for a period of 30 seconds.

The paws of the cat do loads of work and they need the attention, as well as every other part of the body of the cat!

There are endless advantages to massaging your cat. It is a practical method of checking the cat’s health. While massaging, you could check the body of the cat for fleas, ticks, or several parasites.

You could also detect abrasion or cuts that your cat may have gotten which you may not have known. A periodic cat body massage will assist you in becoming familiar with the body of your cat, this way you could easily sense it, if your cat had anything unusual, such as a recent foreign lump the cat’s skin or a tender spot in a particular area in the body of the cat.


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