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How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying


A common behavioral issue for cats is urine spraying. It is a behavior that can be found in both female and male kitties. There are some factors that can bring about such a problem. In case you are experiencing such issue with your cat, trying to understand the major cause of the problem is important. This is the only way to devise a strategy that can help you stop it.


The meaning of spraying

This is a powerful as well as the olfactory method of communication which cats use in getting their territories marked. Urine will be sprayed on vertical surfaces like furniture, doorways and walls. Please note that normal urination and inappropriate urination are very different in cats. In the former, the cat will urinate inside a litter box. In the case of the latter, the cat will decide to urinate at the back of your television or any other area.

While standing upright, it can decide to spray urine deliberately. When a cat wants to spray, it will usually back its target with its tail being quivered. It will start spraying urine without crouching.


Why do cats spray?

Security and safety is a major reason for this action of cats. Your cat will get his territory marked whenever he is feeling insecure or scared. This behavior is common amongst cats that are living with other cats inside the same house. It can also be experienced when there is a new pet animal in the house like dog, or other cats. When there is a new baby, such is likely to be experienced.

A major reason why neutering of male cats is usually supported is that cats which are un-neutered seem to display such behavior. If a male cat wants to announce himself to female cats around, spraying may be the only way to achieve such.

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In case you doubt all of the reasons being mentioned above, it is recommended that you take such cat to a professional vet. There is always a problem that is making your cat spray.


Spaying prevention techniques

In order to prevent this problem, the first step to take is finding the primary reason for such cat’s behavior. In case stress is the cause, try everything possible to ensure your cat isn’t going through stress. Although this isn’t an easy task, the use of a pheromone diffusers will help to a great extent.

In case the cat is spraying on a particular spot, moving its food to such an area won’t be a bad idea. This is because the cat wouldn’t want to spray on its food. The only challenge with this solution is the fact your cat may likely spray somewhere else. It is worth given a try though.


Removing the odor

It is very crucial that the sprayed areas be thoroughly cleaned. If your cat happens to smell an unpleasant odor, it can keep on spraying over and over again on such a spot. The odor can make it start spraying. Soapy water will be very useful in this regard. It should be used in cleaning the area thoroughly. Vinegar and water (50% mixture each) will help clean such odor.

Cleaning products which contain ammonia shouldn’t be used in cleaning such urine. This is because the smell can be mimicked by such products. This can make your kitten start thinking there is another cat around the home which can worsen the situation at hand.

Do you have one of those cats that spray urine all around the place? What are the steps you took for such behaviour to be stopped? Please feel free to share them here.


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