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How to Train Your Dog to Listen to You



All of us are stuck being locked down because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. So, we’ve got lots of extra time, and even if it’s only been a couple of weeks, there are people striving to discover a way to stay busy. Therefore, it’s a great chance to let your dog see how great your love is for them, by teaching them to become the faithful friend you’ve always wanted.


How can you teach your dog?

That question is asked a lot. Plus, it comes from many people who own dogs. But prior to answering it, here’s a few questions for you to answer:

  • Will your dog come to you or sit when you command them– any time you tell them or any place you desire it to do so?
  • Do you think you’re in charge of your house as well as in charge of your pet?

If you have answered in the negative, it is time to begin a few positive measures to teach your best friend.


Ways To Make Pup Listen

Prior to starting any instruction, you have to put yourself in the position of being the “ALPHA dog” in your household. Your pup must understand you are the pack leader and so you’re in charge. (I bet your dog is really thinking this is funny about now).


Here’s a listing of straightforward DOs and DONT’s you have to abide by if you intend to be Alpha in your household:

  • Always come in or go outside a door first in line– don’t forget you’re the boss;
  • Always eat first – don’t feed your pup until you’re done with your own food;
  • Do not walk around your pup if he’s in your way- make him move instead;
  • Do not allow your pup to make the rules – you just pay attention to your dog whenever you decide to do so, not when he wants attention;
  • Do not allow your pup to sleep in your bed with you –instead be certain you make him sleep in a precise place.
  • When you’ve been successful in establishing yourself as the boss, it will be easier to train you pup as well as make your pup listen. If they never learn how to listen to you, then you will never be successful with any other training.
  • Does your pup understand their name? Do they look at you when you call them by their name? That’s the primary and most vital step when you train your pup. If your pup won’t respond when you call their name, you don’t have your dog’s attention to be able to teach them anything else.
  • To be certain you pup understands their name, get a treat and hold the treat a ways from you. Then call out your pup’s name. He probably will look at your hand with the treat in it. Keep saying their name until they look you in the eye. Then give the treat. Try it again, but put the treat in the opposite hand. When you are certain your pup knows their name, merely call him and give him a reward like petting or patting him when he looks at you.
  • You have to realize pups respond a lot better if you use positive reinforcement instead of force or punishment.
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The above methods are extremely basic means to begin to teach your pup. You can build on these as well if desired. When these are thoroughly embedded in your dog’s mind, it’s okay to teach other things to your furry friend.

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