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How to Train Your Dog to Run With You


Gradually build-up to the type of jog you want to do with your dog. Like people, your dog needs to get acclimatized to concentrations of exercise. It’s a good idea to study up on the breed of your pup too to see if they would enjoy jogging. Perhaps they will motivate you to run a marathon one day.

Why jog with your pup?

Lots of studies show just how fantastic jogging can be for someone’s health. It keeps you from getting fat, aids you for getting in shape, plus it may give you more stamina. Plus it’s said to make your mood better too. Plus you don’t need to buy a pricy membership in a gym.

What’s great for a person is additionally good for dogs. It will assist in helping your dog lose weight too, as well as help them build up their muscles, and stay healthy. If you’re your pup in good health you can stay away from expensive veterinarian bills. It’s additionally great for your pooch’s mood: the majority of canines are made to job, except some types of dogs can do it better. All dogs love the smells, sights and sounds they experience outside, as well as spending time with you is great in your pup’s mind.

If you have seen any bad behavior in your pup, going on a jog may help relieve that. Active dog breeds who remain inside for long timeframes tend to get bored, and that makes them act up. It assists in getting rid of their excess energy, as well as keeps their body and mind active, plus it helps create a super bond between the two of you.


How to teach your dog to jog with you

There is not a simple way to make up a schedule for all dogs, you have to gauge how much exercise based on the abilities of you and your dog. Then you must build things up gradually. Plus, speak to the veterinarian first prior to the beginning. You want to make sure they don’t have any health problems that would preclude them from jogging and you need to ensure they only jog for however long their stamina will allow.

  • Begin with a short jog of around ten minutes in an area you both are familiar with.
  • Boost the distance steadily over several weeks.
  • Your dog may pant, but shouldn’t get winded when you jog.
  • Do not allow yourself to become too out of breath so you cannot give your dog commands.



Way to jog with a lease

Keeping your pup leased while jogging is the safest way to begin training because it keeps them close to you as well as safe. At first, your pup may lag behind you or he could want to go in front of you. Either is annoying. But after you practice, over time the both of you will get used to each other’s jogging pattern.

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Prior to jogging with your pooch, ensure they know how to heel when walking with a lease. Don’t use the retractable type of leash as it goes out too far and can make things more complicated. Begin with a leash running between 3 and 6 feet long so you have plenty of space, but your dog has room as well to move around.

How do dog breed and age affect the jog

Individual dogs built naturally for various conditions, as well as their capability to job may not relate to how big or small they are. You could be shocked to know the comparatively little Parson Russell terrier is a solid jogger that can run for a long time, but the long legged greyhound prefers short sprinting to long running spells. If you plan to get a dog and want to make them your jogging buddy, ensure you study up and pick a dog breed which likes the same type of exercising you do.

Be cautious when jogging with puppies, as they may not be able to run until after they grow up. With older pooches, they similarly need a bit of thought, while they may still love the running, they likely get tired faster than a puppy.

Best tips for jogging with your dog

  • Stay vigilant: your pooch cannot let you know if they are too tired or feel sick. Be syre to watch for any signals during the jog to see if they are ok.
  • Drink a lot of water: it’s vital for you and your pup to be properly hydrated during the jog, so be sure to bring water when you go on runs. Your dog will get dehydrated faster while you exercise.
  • Be careful: clean off your dog’s paws after you job, and be sure to check to see if there are any scrapes or cuts. If you don’t attend to any injuries, your dog could get an infection.
  • Pick carefully: Choose routes and settings you and your dog will like. Jogging om grassy areas is best for both your joints, however, watch out for anything unexpected such as holes.
  • Maintain cleanliness. Even if the jog is slow, you have to pick up after your dog if he goes to the bathroom.
  • Have some fun! Jogging with your pooch can provide you some great, fun and very special exercise for both of you.
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