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Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds In The World


Every cat has a unique feature that is easily visible. Some of these cats are gorgeous and they seem to come with much fur. While others could have no fur of any kind. Some are not easily ignored and will get your attention anyhow by making loud meows, or rather chirps, or they will just go straight to the point by having their tail at your face!

These types of cats are amazing with their size. If ever you are looking for cats records, you will probably see an example of these large cat size breeds with a prize for its size.


10. American Bobtail


The American Bobtail breeds of cats are distinct due to their bobtails! The cat breeds are as a result of natural selection. Also, their bobtails are a natural feature! Typically, these cat breeds weigh averagely between 7 and 15 pounds.


9. Turkish Van


These gorgeous cat breeds are a rarity that comes from the southwestern and central parts of Asia and were not seen in the United States not until the year 1982. The Turkish Van weighs averagely between 9 and 13 pounds.


8. British Shorthair

This British type of cat breed is among the largest breeds with short hair. They love easily and are the perfect companions. These short hair British breeds weigh averagely between 9 and 18 pounds.


7. The Siberian Cat


Coming from the pretty cold regions of Siberia, this accounts for the large and rather dense fur of the cat. Apart from this, the gorgeous attractive cat is a national treasure in Russia. Furthermore, they are increasingly used as companions for snuggling. And they typically weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.


6. The Forest Norwegian Cat


These attractive cats are a different species of the fairly large cat, with the average weight of the cats being between 13 and 22 pounds! Though it appears like most of this could be hair, however, the cats are pretty muscular. The long coats that they have are typical water resistant which helps them withstand the winters of the Scandinavian from what region they originate.

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5. Ragamuffin


The Ragamuffins cats are derived from the Ragdoll to also ensure that the cat has a calm nature. Ragamuffins also come in similarly large size, with an average weight of between 11 and 17 pounds.


4. Chausie

The Chausie type of cat is yet another cat which is a result of cross-breeding. It is created when domestic cats are crossbred with their corresponding wild ones. This cat is quite a rarity that is rather expensive to have. But they are beautiful enough to get anybody tempted. The Chausie types of cats weigh the average weight of between 15 and 20 pounds.


3. Ragdoll


The Ragdoll breeds of cats are typically big cats with a typical calm nature. Bred due to the nature of their impressive characters and their relaxed demeanor, the cuddly cats typically weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.


2. Savannah


The Savannah type of cats is actually big due to the fact that they are being crossbred along with the breed known as Serval, which is an undomesticated cat that can be found around Africa. These cats are indeed heavy, and as well they tend to be as long. On average, the savannah can have a weight of about 25 pounds.


 1. Maine Coon


Main coons typically are regarded as being among the current breeds of cat there is today. As a matter of fact, the fluffy breeds of cats come with an average body weight that ranges between 15 and 25 pounds! That is easily a big cat.


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