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Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World


According to a famous saying from Mark Twain, “If I learn more things about people, I begin to like my pet dog more.” Okay, Mark Twain did not say this (oh my God, the internet). However, the reasoning behind the thought is pretty much valid. Your pet dog is one of the best friends that you will ever have – movies that are dedicated dogs tend to support. Therefore, if you ever want to purchase a new dog and you want a unique breed among popular mainstream dogs, feel free to rummage through this list. We created it for your sake.

We have prepared about the ten most giant breeds of dogs across the world. It could be difficult for you to select just one dog. This is because the dogs all have new traits and are considered distinctive that you will want to take them home with you.


10. The French Mastiff


This type of dog breed is also referred to as the Bordeaux dog or Dogue de Bordeaux, may appear intimidating; however, this dog is dominant and is beautifully affectionate and loyal. The dog can have a weight of close to 140 pounds. It could also stand as tall as 26 inches at its shoulder.


9. The Anatolian Shepherd


The Anatolian Shepherd dog is an old Turkish dog, that dissimilar to numerous dog breeds, can live for as long as 13 to 15 years. The dog is capable of several aggressive traits; therefore, the dog should not be for you if you have little kids around your home. The Anatolian Shepherd could weigh close to about 140 pounds and could get up to 32 inches in height.


8. The Newfoundland


In terms of Newfoundland dogs, the most popular is possibly Nana, who starred in Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. This is the reason the dog was chosen by J.M. Barrie to guard the adorable kids. The dog is large, gentle, and is suitable for an excellent family pet dog. These particular breeds of dog can have a weight close to about 150m pounds and stand up to 29 inches in height.


7. The Neapolitan Mastiff


Brilliant, self-sufficient, and unexpectedly quiet, this dog breed is a large dog that has an intimidating reputation. The dog is frequently employed as a security guard dog due to the large size and fierce status of the dog. The muscular dog could weigh as much as 150 pounds and can stand as tall as 31 inches at its shoulder level.


6. The Leonberger


For people with a thing for large dogs, the magnificent Leonberger is their best option. The German dog breed has much affection and patience, similar to the Newfoundland. However, the Leonberger could get to a much bigger size. The male dog can have a weight of close to 170 pounds. It could stand for more than 31 inches in height at the shoulder level.

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5. The Irish Wolfhound


The name of this dog breed pretty much summarizes everything: This Irish Wolfhound from Ireland was previously used for hunting. Although this could sound rather fierce, this dog breed does adapt pretty well with family life. This is possible if the dog is appropriately socialized. This dog breed can weigh close to 180 pounds. It can also stand up to a height of 32 inches at the shoulder level.


4. The Great Dane


Scooby-Doo has made the Great Dane, a popular as a home-bred dog. However, you have various additional reasons that you could fall in love with this German bred dog. The dog is quite a tall one: The known tallest Great Dane stood at a towering 44 inches high at the shoulder level. Averagely, the dog stands at the height of about 32 and 34 inches. It has a weight of between 150 to 180 pounds.


3. The Saint Bernard


This breed of dog has quite a massive size, and it is friendly. It can stand for as tall as 35 inches. The dog id is known to be among the most massive dogs globally. It has an average weight of 200 pounds. Several of these dog breeds can weigh as much as 260 pounds.


2. The Caucasian Shepherd


This type of dog breed originates from Eastern Europe, and it suits dog owners that are experienced and great at help dogs at socializing and being loyal. They are traditionally used for leading livestock; the dog breed can hardly socialize with other dogs. If threatened, the Caucasian Shepherd may become quite aggressive. For people that feel that they have the needed skills in breeding these types of dogs, they can get you warm all through the night. These dog breeds can have a weight of close to 220 pounds. In terms of height, they stand above 30 inches.


1. The English Mastiff


The biggest of them all is the English Mastiff. This dog is the dream of every dog lover out there. It can get up to a height of about 36 inches and weighs about 200 to 230 pounds. The English Mastiff will certainly keep burglars off your home. The biggest English Mastiff was recorded to weigh 343 pounds. Regardless of the size of the dog, the English Mastiff is known as a calm and charming breed of dog.

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