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Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Your Dog


A lot of cancer signals in dogs can be subtle or could be related to some other illness, however, if you see any sign of the subsequent possible warning signs of dog cancer, then you should speak to your veterinarian.


10. Cancer Signals in Dogs

Thinking about our beloved pets being sick is scary by itself, let alone add in the possibility of being diagnosed with cancer.  However, just like in people, it’s best to notice the signs early on and get your dog in to see the vet quickly so treatment can be started. No matter if you noticed a fatty tumor or you think that spot on your dog is skin cancer, be sure to watch out for the following signals that could mean your dog has cancer.


9. Your Dog Keeps Collapsing

If your pup falls down for no apparent reason, it’s time to get to the vet asap. Falling over, being weak and lethargic, not wanting to greet people like they usually do, etc., are all common signs of cancer.  For instance, in large breed dogs suddenly falling down, despite if they seem fine later, can sometimes mean they have a spleen tumor.

8. Your Dog Keeps Coughing

Coughing does not necessarily mean your dog has cancer. For instance, the small breeds of dogs often cough due to a windpipe issue. If they only cough a couple of times, then likely they are not sick, but if they keep coughing several days in a row, you likely should have your dog checked for possible lung cancer.


7. Your Dog Has Lost Weight

If a dog loses weight that’s a top symptom of cancer. It could mean something like a gastrointestinal type of cancer tumor. Dogs with cancer even lose weight if they still have a normal appetite. If you see that your dog has lost weight over time or all at once, be sure to take them to the vet asap.


6. Your Dog Has Mouth Changes

Signs of oral cancer can include a sore, lump, funny smell, or gum color changes, especially in an older dog. Many times these signs of dog cancer go on a long time before they are noticed since a lot of owners don’t check their pet’s mouth. Vets suggest not only checking your dog’s mouth often, but also brushing their teeth every day.

When your dog is eating or even when he yawns, it is a good idea to look to see if you see anything strange in their mouth or throat. If you do, take them to the vet right away.

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5. Your Dog Has Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are not normal, according to top vets, especially in older dogs. This can signify nose cancer. If it is a young dog, something could be stuck in their nose, but you should always have nosebleeds checked out right away.


4. Your Dog Has Diarrhea or Other Bathroom Habit Changes

Sporadic diarrhea normally is not a cancer sign, according to top vets, however, if it lasts a long time or gets super bad, your pet needs to see their vet. If they are always asking to go outside, have problems going to the bathroom, are throwing up or have blood in their poop or pee, that too can signify cancer.


3. Your Dog Has Changes in Their Skin

Veterinarians tell us that we need to have all the lumps, bumps, or changes in our dog’s skin checked out regularly. These could be benign or they could be cancer. Either way, it’s best to have it checked out early. That’s because it is easier to treat cancer when it’s found early. You should feel around on your dog while you pet them to check for these things. If you find anything, get them to the vet quickly. They will need to take a sample of the bump or lump to check it for cancer. Plus, watch out if they have a sore that isn’t healing or an itchy lesion or painful area.

2. You Dog Has Gained Weight

If your dog suddenly gains weight or gets bloated, they could have cancer. If they are eating less yet still gaining weight, then get them to the vet fast. Also, get them to the vet if they suddenly start to eat a lot more too.


1. Your Dog Has Any Discomfort or Pain

A big sign of possible cancer in dogs is that they are painful. If your dog cries or whines if you pet their stomach, then you should take them to the vet right away. And if your dog seems to have trouble chewing their food because their mouth hurts, then they also should be checked for possible mouth cancer.

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