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7 Warning Signs That Your Dog Is in Pain


Dog owners consider their pet’s wellbeing and safety as a top significance. But obviously, dogs and people cannot talk the same exact language – therefore it is hard to know if they are having any pain.

A few signals your dog is having pain are simple to notice, i.e. a wound or if they are limping. However, sometimes it is harder to know.

Here are seven common warning signals your dog is having pain. Watch for them and make sure your furry pal is not suffering


1) Constantly Licking


Dogs normally lick and groom, however, if they are doing it constantly then they might be having pain. Pay special attention when your pet begins to lick constantly in a specific part of the body. A dog will lick places they have pain, even if that pain is inside the body.

Should your pet begin to do so constantly, particularly if it’s all in one spot, then it is time to take your dog to their vet to check for hot spots or other painful areas.


2) Whining, barking or otherwise vocalizing more 


A signal your dog is painful is if they are being more vocal. If your pet is making more vocalizations he may be attempting to show you he is painful.

Watch for sudden increases in growling or whining or barking, as well as additional types of vocalization. Be sure to check to see if you find anything on your dog’s body that would be a reason for his pain.

Be certain to look over the dog’s whole body to see where the pain is coming from and be sure to be gently so you don’t make it worse.


3)  Appetite loss


Dogs all love food. Therefore,  if they won’t eat, they could be signaling they are painful.  Pain could make it hard to move or eat or get to their food bowls.

Appetite loss could signify a serious disease like dental problems, kidney or liver issues, or cancer. Don’t take a chance! If your pet will not eat, get to the vet fast to check it out.


4) Aggressive behavior


Abrupt changes in your dog’s conduct can mean he’s in pain – being more aggressive is one of those changes. If your pet is normally gentle, friendly and calm and all of a sudden he’s being aggressive, likely he’s having pain somewhere.

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If your pet is being aggressive, be careful when you check for any issues. A few dogs could even try to bite you if they are painful and feel threatened.


5) Panting  More


It’s normal for dogs to pant, especially if they have been exerting themselves. They pant after running, playing, etc. But if they have not been doing those things and are doing some hard panting, they could be stressed out and painful.

It could be hard to figure out the exact cause of their panting, especially if it happens all of a sudden. This is very concerning. Therefore, if your puppy is panting hard you should take them to a vet fast.


6) Trouble Moving Around


Trouble moving may show things like arthritis as well as painful hips. Or your dog could have some kind of injury. Watch to see if they have trouble moving around such as they don’t want to climb the stairs, leap into your car or out of it, or play and run when they go out.

An absence of flexibility in how your dog moves is yet another warning signal they are painful. If a dog is in pain, they walk slower, limp, act stiff or tired, and once they do lay down they can’t get up very easily.

If movement is a problem, sometimes natural supplements could help like turmeric, as it’s an anti-inflammatory, which works well for pain issues.


7) Additional changes in behavior


We have talked in this article on dog’s changes in behavior that could mean they are having pain, like too much licking, being aggressive, and not eating. What else could cause pain?

Sleeping Habit Changes

If a dog has sleep habit changes they could be having pain. A few dogs sleep a lot so they can rest and try to get rid of their pain. However, a few may sleep less because the pain is very bad.

Unforeseen Pee or Poop Accidents in the Home

Painful dogs can’t move very well, or even get up or lay down very well either. So, they might not feel like going out, and therefore, they have pee or poop accidents in your home. Even if they are housebroken. So if this happens you need to find out the reason fast.

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