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Ways To Gain The Trust Of Your Dog


Getting the trust of the dog is one of the essential things in any given friendship between the dog and a human being. This feature is highly beneficial if you are trying to become friends with a rescue dog that has experienced been maltreated or one that has not been socialized correctly.

However, when you use such tricks like being calm during your first meeting with the dog, having respect for the dog’s space, while using treats to rewards the dog, you can get the dog’s trust.


Remain Calm


It is essential that on meeting an unknown dog for the first time, you behave calmly and friendly. When you speak softly and move slowly and steadily, you could help the dog become comfortable and also make the dog calm.

Tips to remember: Do not approach any dog in an excited or hurried state, you might make the dog anxious.

Pay attention to the dog’s space and respect it.


When you stand still and maintain a reasonable distance, you give the dog the option to choose whether they would want to have an interaction with you or not.

This tactic is a responsible one to apply, especially when you first meet the dog. Do not force the dog to begin interacting with you.

You must have some reverence for the dog’s space. This respect could mean trying not to crowd the dog. The recommended distance to maintain between you and the dog at this time is about four feet,

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Additionally, if you come across a dog and its owner, first speak to the owner, and make eye contact. Behave as though you are ignoring the dog. This way, the dog will not appear to be threatened.


Stoop low to the dog’s level and give them treat.


Try to go to the dog through its side and do not go through the front. Get down, bend low or kneel to keep you at the same level as the dog before you begin to pet them.

At this stage, try not to make any eye contact because the dog might see this as dangerous.

Lastly, when you use treats responsibly, you can easily make the dog trust you. Make the dog move towards you and receive the treat from your outstretched hand. You should then encourage this behavior by praising the dog.

If it appears that the dog is with its owner, you could seek permission from the owner before proceeding to give the dog some treats. Check if the owner of the dog has some specially approved treats to be given to the dog.

This action will go a long way in creating trust between the dog and you. It will further help the dog to picture you as a friendly person instead of an enemy.


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