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Ways To Stop Your Puppy From Biting


Puppy teeth are very sharp and pups sure know the way to use their teeth. Puppy teeth hurt, as anyone who has been bitten by one can testify. Unquestionably, your pup doesn’t really mean to hurt anyone. He thinks it is a game and doesn’t understand it can hurt you. Here are some ways to make playing with puppies fun and help them learn not to bite.


Why is it that pups bite?

First, we must understand the reasons pups enjoy biting. Just like a human baby, a puppy learns about the things around them with their mouth. They like to put everything they find right into their mouth, which includes people’s fingers, toes, or hands and feet!

Pups additionally enjoy playing rough games. They do a lot of this rough playing with their siblings. In the beginning, they don’t have any teeth, so there’s no pain involved. Then they get their tiny milk teeth and the biting starts to hurt. However, their fellow puppies have skins and fur that are thick enough that it doesn’t hurt them that much. Eventually, their teeth get stronger, and sometimes a pup may cry out when it gets bitten. Then the puppy that bit them will usually stop. The mom dog will also discipline her puppies if they bite her too hard.


Is it ever alright to play rough?

A lot of puppy owners like to play rough with their pups but that is not so fun once they get their adult teeth. Plus it could be a danger if a person has delicate skin!  Especially for children or elderly who tend to be more sensitive. Pups can find it hard to stop playing rough, even if the person playing with them says the play is done.


What’s the right rule to follow?

In reality, you should never allow pups to bite you! You should always encourage them to bite an appropriate toy instead. Puppies must learn the right way to act when they live with people, to include playing appropriately. You need to teach them to bite inhibition so they can play with both people and other dogs.



Ways to play puppies and not get bitten

The following are several well-known techniques for teaching puppies not to bite, it’s called bite inhibition and is the capability of using their teeth but not hurting anyone else.


Toys are the answer to proper play

It is ok if you want to play actively with your puppy and let them use their teeth, but it must be directed toward the right kind of toys instead of them biting you or another dog. It is better to introduce puppy play that isn’t likely to hurt anyone right from the start. Get several appropriate toys they can chew on and if they try to bite, then stick one of these into the pup’s mouth.

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Another efficient way is for you to act like a dog would act if the pup bit them. You can cry out in a high pitched fashion and say “OUCHIE” or some other word to indicate it hurts. Even if they just put their mouth on your hand or skin and it really didn’t hurt, it’s better to get them so they know they shouldn’t bite. The high pitched cry should make your pup stop, then you can quit playing with them for a few minutes. It is vital for the pup to know that if he bites, all playing stops. Then, when you start again, bring out the appropriate toys for him to chew on instead of biting you.


Leave It Command

If you teach a puppy the “leave it” command it can help stop them from both biting as well as trying to eat something they found on the ground or are otherwise inappropriate. It’s best to try this when you aren’t in the middle of a game, but after the pup understands the command it can be used while you are playing if he gets too rough. Give them a reward for obeying.



Don’t ever punish your pup

Believe it or not, punishment is seen as attention by your pup and it could even make them more likely to keep doing the unwanted behavior. Plus, you could endanger the bond you want to have between you and your pup. If you punish your pup by yelling or hitting them, they are also more likely to be aggressive in return.


Give Your Puppy Praise

When your puppy plays nicely, don’t forget to give them some praise. That ensures they will keep playing in a way that is fun for everyone.


What should I do if my puppy is still biting?

Likely your puppy is going to use its teeth a few times on you. That’s just the manner in which they explore their surroundings or a way to get some attention and it’s fun for them. Keep up the training to get them to react in the way you would prefer. But if they are still biting or playing roughly, it’s time to talk to some professional trainers. If the dog is older and keeps biting, they could also have a problem with their teeth or mouth and should be examined by a veterinarian.


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