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Why Do Dogs Bark at Night?


Dog barking at night is a very commonplace issue that people complain about. It’s not a pleasant thing for either the dog owner or their neighbors.

Dogs bark in the nighttime for several reasons. The dog may not feel well, he might want to go outside to relieve himself, he could be bored or scared, or he could be protecting his territory due to what he might be hearing in the area.

Punishing or intimidating the dog for barking will only make them more anxious and could make them bark even more! The main thing you need to do is figure out why your dog is barking at night and find a solution to the problem. So, the best way to stop your dog barking at night is to make sure you meet all the needs your dog has in the daytime, so he won’t have a problem at night.



Little pups can’t control their bladders, plus they could be homesick for their siblings or mom if you just got them. It is normal for them to be a bit noisy if they are just now learning how to sleep by themselves. However, you don’t want this barking at night to become a bad habit. So, it is a good idea to take your puppy outside to go to the bathroom before you go to bed at night so you can try to preempt the night barking.


Get Enough Exercise

Do you exercise your dog enough? Dogs, like people, will sleep sounder if they have good healthy exercise sessions, as well as some type of mental enrichment. For instance, if you take your dog to the park for some exercise, they are probably going to sleep better throughout the night.


Bathroom Time

Is there a way for your dog to go to the bathroom at night? Do you provide them enough time to do this prior to going to bed?


Separation is difficult for Some Dogs

Dogs are pack animals, so they don’t like to be alone. If you don’t let your dog sleep in the room with you at night, and he gets locked up somewhere else, he may be feeling separation anxiety or loneliness.

You do not have to let the dog sleep in bed with you if you don’t like that idea, but if you want to get some sleep, you can think about getting him a crate or putting a dog bed with you in the bedroom and teaching him to sleep there. If your dog is elderly and can’t hear very well, they will particularly be happier if they can sleep near you.

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Look For Distractions

If a dog barks in the night, it could be due to some type of distraction he has noticed. So, you can look for things that could have gotten in or near your house like a mouse, raccoon, possum, etc. Or it could be some of the neighbors are out and about making noise. But whatever it is, barking at night can turn into a bad habit, so you need to address it immediately.


Don’t give in and give your dog attention

Many owners commonly make the mistake of rewarding their dog if it barks. If you get up and then pay attention to them and reward them somehow like letting them sleep with you, the dog could associate barking with getting whatever it wants and then your problem will keep on happening past whatever was causing the barking in the first place.


Ways To Stop Barking

If your dog wakes you up by barking, you do need to make sure there isn’t a good reason for it. If your dog is ok, then just check quickly and don’t make a big deal of it. Just go back to bed. If not, then take care of the issue causing the problem, then go back to bed. Mainly, you need to not reinforce the dog’s bad barking habit by rewarding them if there is not a good reason for them to do so, or it may continue for a long time instead of stopping.


Health Check-up

If you have eliminated everything previously discussed, then it is now time to find out if the barking could be caused by some sort of health problem. For instance, elderly dogs sometimes get a form of dog dementia. So if you dog is acting weird, you need to take them to your veterinarian.


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