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Why Does My Cat Meow So Much?


Sometimes and meows are unavoidable. You begin to ask yourself why your cat is meowing so much. Did you know cats communicate through many vocalizations? They use their different sounds to help display their unique personalities and many people found this endearing but sometimes the sounds Maybe too excessive or may begin to occur at inappropriate times and sometimes problems arise.


What is excessive vocalization?

There are no hard rules for what is considered excessive meowing. Excessive vocalization it’s more dependent on the tolerance level at the owners and that can be effective buy a few different factors like:

If the person is experienced with cats

The time of day that the cat is meowing

How it affects others in the household

Does it affect the quality of sleep among the humans in the household?


When is excessive vocalization normal?

Any meow and other vocalization a cat makes is completely normal. This is the way cats communicate with each other and also try to communicate with us. Sometimes cats become more vocal during mating season when female cats are in heat the male cats become louder to compete for them. This is a good reason to spay and neuter your cats so it eliminates unnecessary vocalization. Cats can also be more vocal when there are changes in the household. Great examples of changing in the household: Maybe moving to a new place or changing your cat from an indoor to an outdoor pet or vice versa. Several cat breeds maybe but more vocal than others Siamese cats tend to vocalize way more than others. Before adopting a cat it might be worth a little research into the breed or even listening for that cat’s vocalization patterns.


What causes excessive vocalization?

Attention-seeking is a very common cause of excessive vocalization and this is a learned behavior. Many cats learn to communicate with you there’s sound when they need to go out or if they want to be fed. Cats find this especially effective for waking their humans up in the early morning or the middle of the night. Many times humans give in to the cat’s demand during this time so that I can go back to sleep.

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But beware once cats realize that you will give in to this vocalization they will continue to use it and you will begin to give in, most cats can outlast humans when it comes to meowing so this is a way to control their surroundings.

Unfortunately, excessive vocalization can also be a warning sign of medical or serious behavior problems you can’t make a meow when they are in pain or have scooter electrical problems or are beginning to experience hearing or vision loss. anxiety frustration any type of cognitive delays or behavioral problems can cause cats to have excessive vocalization. If any of these symptoms sound familiar it would be best to take your kitty for a checkup to its veterinarian.

How do you treat excessive vocalization?

Cats excessive vocalization depends on the problem your cat is having. if your cat has begun vocalizing excessively you may want to take her to a veterinarian or a Veterinary behaviorist so there can be a diagnosis made. If the cause is the medical consider wire cat is asking for attention. Sometimes cats become bored and meow more because of the boredom. Increasing your cats activity time both mentally and physically may help quiet your kitty down.


Examples of things to try when your cat is bored include:

Adding more climbing trees and toys.

Taking time from your day and setting a daily routine for playtime.

Providing chasing toys (robot mice, balls, and anything your cat seems interested in playing with).

If you are trying everything in your cat is still demanding attention and all medical issues have been rolled out then it is best to consistently ignore your cats meows current don’t respond to any play nice until the cats become quiet.  don’t be shocked if during these times your cat becomes louder because you aren’t giving in to their demands.


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