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Why Does My Puppy Dislike My Buddy?


My dog normally loves everyone, but for some reason, he dislikes one of my friends. Why would he do that? Does he think my friend is someone bad?

I heard about someone’s American Bulldog called Ichi who’s convinced her owner’s buddy is the veterinarian she went do when she was a pup. That dog barks like crazy any time she sees that guy! She doesn’t want him to try something like sticking a thermometer in her butt.

I also heard about someone’s Labradoodle who hated his owner’s boyfriend. Actually, that lady figured out the dog was correct about him though, as the boyfriend was a cad.

Your dog must have their reasons they don’t like your buddy. However, those reasons could or could not be reasonable.

Watch how he acts around the buddy. Does your dog try to place himself in-between you and the buddy? That means he is trying to protect you. He is concerned about what that buddy might do to his master.

Is he barking like mad? That means he does not want that buddy in the house.

Is he cowering and standing behind you and his tail is in-between his legs? That means he is scared. Though you believe you buddy is friendly, it’s your pup’s house and it’s not fair to scare him in his own house. Think about visiting with your friend somewhere else.

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Try to remember when your pup first met this buddy. Did he pet sit for you? Did the buddy do anything horrible? Did your buddy say anything rude? Even anything neutral such as “You dog’s ugly, but still kinda cute? Dogs are capable of understanding and being hurt when someone talks about them. And it’s true that a dog, even though they also live minute to minute, they do remember stuff.

But if you cannot figure out any good reason, and the dog is truly acting in a fashion that’s not normal for how he acts all the time, then maybe you need to watch your buddy as well! The majority of dogs are pretty good at judging a person’s character.

One of my buddies owns a Weimaraner who is usually friendly. He’s called Mojo. But he goes nutty when this one lady came to visit my buddy. He later found out the lady was stealing jewelry from him, and his dog was award of it!

Dogs are very loyal to us. They have our best interests at heart, so take their opinion of people into consideration!

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