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Why your dog is happier than you?


Dogs are the best pals we have, as they are faithful, loving, and they appear to ‘understand us in ways not perceived by any other creature. When life gives us stress or even merely after enduring a long workday, it’s fantastic to come home to a wagging tail and doggie kisses.

Have you often thought that our dogs really can’t control their own lives but they are still pretty happy? They are dependent on their owners for all they get from food to water to shelter and affection. Yet they still stay heel or sit when we tell them even if they don’t necessarily want to do it. And they also keep greeting us when we come home with doggies kisses and smiling faces.


Dogs do not require expensive cars or huge mansions for them to feel happy. They just do it. Dogs are content to live totally in the now and don’t linger on past events or what the future may hold. When they are with us they are there totally, both physically and mentally. If you take them to a park they just enjoy themselves with no worries about the rest of the day.  Dogs immerse themselves totally in all they see and smell at that very moment. You can tell that when they are eating their food since it shows that they are really enjoying it.

That’s part of the reason dogs are so happy compared to people. They know how to live in the moment and are masters at mindfulness.

We wrestle with being happy because we can’t stop worrying about things like our bills. You can learn to be mindful and still have a few worries and a bad memory or two. It just means you have to engage with the rest of the world that has nothing to do with our own thoughts or emotions and connect with those people and things around us that matter most to us. For instance, if eating your dinner, it means you should pay attention to the taste, smell, and texture of the food and not be on your phone or watching TV.

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Ways to be more mindful

It’s possible to think less of our emotions and thoughts and pay more attention to what we are doing that moment if we:

  • Notice our environment: items that can be seen, heard, smelled, or tasted.
  • Be with friends and family and give them all your attention. Listen closely to them and share things with one another.
  • Give your total attention to everything you do, no matter if merely brushing your teeth or eating lunch, driving to work, or listening to a song.
  • Pay attention to when you suddenly are tied up with thinking bad things, having bad emotions, or worrying about other circumstances, and not acting like who we would like to be. Take a step backward to increase your perspective. Be who your dog thinks you are.

Therapy dogs are great. They help people learn how to be mindful. We can be like them if we just try to do it more every day for a few minutes. Then you just might be nearly as happy as your pup.


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